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Farinelli's real name is Mark Hodge. Mark is 59 years old, is located in California / USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 26, 2007. He has a total of 11 public recordings that have been viewed 1,166 times and 3 achievement points.

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General information about my obviously unique voice: Unlike most men, I sing naturally in the female octave (alto/soprano). I can't sing or speak comfortably in the male octave (bass/tenor). Apparently my voice did not break during puberty, resulting in a womans/child's natural voice range, in the body of a man (so to speak 'natural castrati'). My optimal speech pitch is centered in the female octave (around middle C), like with my singing voice. However I choose to speak below my natural range (glottal fry), for personal reasons (Social comfort), though it is vocally damaging. Therefore I don't enjoy normal conversation, and avoid it whenever possible (painful experience). My (so called) guy bottom range (sing/speech) is done entirely in 'glottal fry' (unnatural bottom voice) register (bass D to tenor low C), which is quite a bit uncomfortable (much low strain always involved). Therefore I don't much sing normal male, but rather mostly female genre. My natural singing range varies by circumstance, but is approximately 2 octaves (alto low F (chest voice), to soprano high A (head voice)). Much of the range I chose to sing in however, lies in my middle register (mixed voice range), and therefore most comfortable singing area. I only dip low and high if a song demands it, and a fair amount do (nature of songs), but most not to extremes. Genetics may well account for my vocal abnormality. However since my voice has not been scientifically examined, I'm only going by speculation on this aspect, but it appears that my voice did not break properly during puberty, resulting in retainment of my childhood vocal range

As always, comments much appreciated. On all of the above, or whatever else inspires :-))

Mark (Farinelli.. for now)

Farinelli was indeed a famous 18th century castrati, hence my decision to use the nickname As he was, so am I.. but the genetic variety (no operation involved).. 'natural castrati' Anyway, being dual gendered (hermaphrodite, by doctors diagnoses once), my voice seems to have both male and female characteristics, with the female ultra dominant (natural part). My optimal speech pitch is indeed middle C or so, though I strain a baritone voice in public.. protect ego. In fact, I can only speak natural through reciting.. not spontaneous conversation (have not yet learned). Because of my bad speech habit, I was placed as baritone in my former chorus days. It was a nightmare from start to finish, even when when I was switched to the tenor role. Sore throats/hoarseness followed every class session, and vocal training was a total waste of time, energy and money. Castrati's simply can't be trained as their peers are (different voice type). It only leads to frustration for both parties. I can't really sing in falsetto voice, unlike other men can.. I have to strain the effect. Anyway, My Bios page below tells things best

My 'other' bios page, with links and information about; myself, the castrati, and other unusual voices

Btw I used to be able to sing some in the high whistle range, but never very well ;-( I suspect vocal abuse is a factor. Playing the chamelion. ENT exam revealed damage. Anyway, although I can't sing the highest range, this guy can do it very well, and explains how, and teaches others as well Both videos well worth watching too :-)) I would say he pretty much expounds the register theory.

(6 Octave Vocal Demonstration - Brett Manning)

(Whistle Voice FAQ)

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