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Fairydancer is 70 years old, is located in Australia and has been a SingSnap member since October 13, 2007. She has a total of 67 public recordings that have been viewed 8,693 times and 78 achievement points.

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... I have discovered SingSnap which is now filling a void in my life. I am semi-retired and have always had music in my life. Unfortunately I am no singer except in the shower but I do play the piano and that is my first love. For many years, my previous home was a music studio where teachers gave lessons from singing to drums and every musical instrument inbetween. The pleasure this gave me was never ending until I relocated to the little country town where I am now. I really appreciate the opportunity to listen to so many talented people who have the courage to sing publicly on this site and want to tell you how much joy you contribute to my life. Thank you for allowing me to share your talent by listening to you. And this in turn encourages me to play your songs on the piano so please forgive me if I don't sing for you, but be reassured that I am a genuine music lover who appreciates the effort that each and every one of you delivers each time you sing your heart out.

As I dance by your sites I will be sprinkling STAR DUST on you.
Update: Well surprise surprise I have discovered that it's ok if you try to sing and learn from others to improve and at the same time have lots of fun...
So I am now damaging peoples eardrums all over the world hehehe
And I love singing WOW