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Duckman's real name is Donald Davis. Donald is 48 years old, is located in North Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 1, 2007. He has a total of 1,132 public recordings that have been viewed 81,668 times and 6 achievement points.

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ummm...well i am married to a wonderful woman..her name is Stephanie.
i am a father of a 10 year old girl ..her name is Jordan.
i am a being around fun people that make you relaxed.
meaning i guess enjoy being able to just be myself....

i do not classify myself in a "group" i like all sorts of people ......
age color religion etc has no bearing on whether you are a D!@K or not,

i do not judge folks not my place.

lets see who id like to meet that i havent already....

actually alot of people but 2 stand out more than most
larry the cable guy and adam sandler....
laughter frickin rocks.....
i want to thank the singsnap site itself...
for this kickass site....and the people on here that make it even better....
i have met already some folks that rock...
they are fun cool relaxed...etc......
anyways thanks yall...
oh and as i have been asked before i have to answer this question.......

YES I HAVE A JOB...i am a landscaper as i stated ...

i work with muh dad in a family owned company....
and well the weather in the wintertime ...
leaves me with time on muh hands....
and well there are few things i care to do other then sing.....
so when i do not work, you will find me right here on singsnap....
thanks for all of the comments ....
and i want to also say i try to answer all but sometimes

i do not even get an email on a comment etc...
and i am sorry if i miss folks however plz do not feel it is unappreciated.....
and lastly i need to mention my wife again ...
her id on here is WHSkY ....
plz feel free to stop by her page, i know she would like that....
thanks Duck

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erm ... GITERDUN!!

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