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dotinloveland is located in Wyoming / USA and has been a SingSnap member since May 27, 2007. She has a total of 757 public recordings that have been viewed 70,079 times.

""UNDATED MY PICTURE FINALLY ON 7-1-18""***~***hi name is dot...dottie..dodie...dorothy or>>>{what ever you wanna call!!!!} ..i am country at heart and the older the better..i love harmony and do it on most of my songs ...I do listen to everyones WHOLE song when I listen and I hate copy and paste unless its a medical problem...I worked in nursing all my life as did my daughters also and loved my work**retired at 63 when I injured my back real bad**recently moved to Wyoming on may 1st 2017 near my daughter anna for health reasons and I love it here where the sunshines everyday and I can look out and see the mountains**patsy cline is my all time idol and the OLD COUNTRY classics are the best!!!!**i've met so many wonderful friends since coming on here in 2007 **and it so hurts my heart when some become ill and leave this earth because so many have become such close friends and seem like family..**sometimes in the lowest time in your life someone comes along and makes you smile again**that's what happened when I met my sweet ray on this sight so "thanks singsnap" and thanks to all those who have been so faithful to my songs over the years**your so special to me and I love you all**XOXO**dot*****************************************************************FRIENDS COME AND GO DURING OUR LIFE...SOME COME AND THEN GO...SOME COME AND STAY FOREVER AND THEN SOME COME AND WHEN THEY LEAVE THEY LEAVE A SPECIAL FEELING DEEP IN YOUR HEART THAT REMAINS THERE FOREVER UNTIL WE LEAVE THIS EARTH}}}}}}*******************************************************{{{{ABOUT MUSIC}}}}
""Music is everywhere. It's in the breeze, in the ocean, in the rain. It's in the echoes of a canyon or a cave, in the chirping of a bird, in the fluttering of a honeybee, in the bubbling of a brook.... It's in the rustling of the leaves in a cool springtime day and even in the stillness of the freshly fallen snow in the midst of winter. And yes, it lives in silence too. For silence is part of music. Without it, music would be a chaotic string of sound""*******{{{"MUSIC SPEAKS WHAT WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS"}}}*********************************************************************