djp5050 is 59 years old, is located in Oklahoma / USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 26, 2009. He has a total of 2,226 public recordings that have been viewed 89,941 times.


Okay, so I've had a few folks message me and ask me what I'm using to record with on Sing Snap.... so... I have an MXL990 microphone, connected to a Behringer Eurorack UB1002fx to give it power, which then goes into my laptop mic jack. That's all. The UB1002fx is supposed to have a bunch of effects built in, but only number 0 works, 1 through 99 don't. LOL. Anyway, thank you for stopping by : )





I never set out to become a "singer", but alone in my room in the 60s, I would sing along to 45s and pretend it was me on the record. Later on in the 70's (til now), driving in my car I would take the 'long way home' so I could sing along to my fav songs on the radio. But, that's all it ever was... I've never sang in public, never sang in front of anyone, I'm still alone in my room pretending to be a singer, only now I can hear what it actually sounds like LOL. THIS would also explain why most of my songs are just a 'little off' from the originals, because I am singing them as I remember them, if that makes sense. Only if it's one I haven't heard before will I try to find it on youtube or somewhere. Thank you for visiting, and sign my guestbook!! (if I have one????) LOL

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Other than singing along with the radio or whatever, I just started to sing/record stuff in February of 2009, and decided I kinda liked it, creativity-wise. Still learning of course, but there is quite a difference between those first recordings in Feb. and the recordings I'm making now (I "think" for the better I mean LOL I'll tell ya more about me after the song list that follows:
This list, is comprised of the duets I did with singsnapper MLP (horn player AND singer extraordinaire).. hope you enjoy.

Fly Me To The Moon

Wicked Game

The Lighthouse's Tale

The Way You Look Tonight

Portrait of My Love

Broken Vow

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

For the Good Times

Georgia on My Mind

Don't Close Your Eyes

My Funny Valentine

Okay.. back to my info...

I also like to fish, golf, camp, (anything outdoors really). I do some rollerblading, bowl, I'm an excellent cook/baker, a not so excellent guitar player (but I try), and a hopeless (and I DO mean hopeless) romantic. I'm single mostly...sorta... I've been living for most of 10 years with a sweet gal named Melissa, but we're still making up our minds on each other, so... don't wanna rush into anything, ya know.... So, I say single because I'm not technically/legally married or promised to anyone LOL anyway, back to the music..... please

This is a cherished banner.... (and you'll notice there aren't to many on here!!) Thank you fellow Okies for this. I am honored and humbled by the multitude of talent from this state!! This is the song I turned in As She's Walking Away (by djp5050 and djp5050 LOL)

Here are the songs I entered for an 8 week contest, in order (week 8 was final week, I did take second LOL)

Week 1 - Green Green Grass of Home
Week 2 - Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Week 3 - Home

Week 4 - I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight

Week 5 - Pretty Green Eyes
Week 6 - The Living Years

Week 7, (song 1) - Bring it On Home
Week 7, (song 2) - Danny Boy

Week 8, (song 1) - Clocks
Week 8, (song 2) - Music of the Night (phantom of the opera)
Week 8, (song 3) - You Raise Me Up

This is from a "one song contest" I entered, and in keeping with the "theme", I did one take of this one and sent it in LOL

All The Gold In California

below is the song that we sang for the duet win.

Angry All The Time