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DenLyl's real name is Denzel & Lyllian Sapp. Denzel & Lyllian is 120 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 25, 2007. Denzel & Lyllian has a total of 5 public recordings that have been viewed 986 times.


We are a couple who want to sing duets together on the Video..We sing here on singsnap and go by the names of DenzelSapp & MmeOdileS...So check our other songs too...and watch here for our duets coming soon. You might want to sing with us..which will create a trio....or we could create quartets by couples singing together..and harmonizing.......

here are our mottos' ...for life... for couple's ...and...for singsnap...

Motto for life: Racism IS a social disease, Let us ALL find a cure!
Motto for couples: Divorce is a social Epidemic, Let ALL couples find a cure!
Motto for singsnap: Let us ALL Listen to the COMPLETE recording of a person's song!

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Speaking in the 3rd person:

Together Denzel & Lyllian (who have been together 15 years..married 13 yrs), have things they share which include:

Gardening,cooking,singing, conversing with each other and cleaning house together LOL...They both devote their time to the grandkids when they come over for a week-end sleep over alternating between which kid will end up at the the 'old folks' home?..Apart from seven other grandchildren...they do have one 14 year old grandson that has been living with them since he was only 9 months old....He is homeschooled and has been on the computer since he was two years old..Of course he already knows what he wants to do in life...Computers of course! LOL....

Now to speak about Lyllian:

Lyllian is an artist but has not painted in such a long time..She also writes poetry when the inspiration hits her....if it ever hits her....I think she needs a to-do list..She also enjoys her alone time which includes sewing, talking to herself and just comtemplating life in general.She does homeschool her grandson and has been doing this task for seven educational years...although she loves people and feels very comfortable with crowds...she tends to be a loner having travelled for years to various countries..she now is living a settled life right in the heart of the USA..

Now to speak about Denzel

Denzel has a day job, and is preparing to start on his Masters Program hopefully this year.Denzel being visually impaired wants to help others like himself...He will be working towards a 'Rehabilitative Counselling Specialist' degree...Denzel on the other hand supports homeschooling beliefs, but does not have the time to homeschool the grandson because he is working...Denzel's alone time consists of talking to himself, watching wife sew, playing need for speed. and singing his heart out here on singsnap.he also is a poet and needs to put that on his to-do list.Denzel is a people person, enjoys being around people when he is with them.but does not love crowds & is a loner.

One of the most important things in the lives of both Denzel & Lyllian is..
their Catholic Faith.

which keeps them 'following the path of THE road' to whatever it is they are searching LOL

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