DEEGOLDEN's real name is Darlene Golden. Darlene is 60 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 3, 2012. She has a total of 43 public recordings that have been viewed 4,587 times and 345 achievement points.

I am writing this on Oct. 19th, 2017...I have had much loss in recent first husband Ron who passed due to complications of the horrible disease M.S. in 2004. We had one child, Rebecca who commited suicide 3 years ago just 2 months shy of her 30th birthday..(she left me a gorgeous grandson Noah who is 5). My Mummy passed only 4 months, with such a broken and heavy heart, I lost my husband Ken yesterday, Oct. 18th,2017. I know we all suffer our losses, but there is only so much our hearts can take...I really have no more words but just pray that they all have finally found their peace...Love them all so very much and miss them dearly....I will keep waht I had written previously below....
Hi everyone! I'm Dee Golden from Hampstead,N.H.--USA. Please take a listen and I hope you will enjoy!!! Dee The songs I alone or with my brother Dave Adams...dsa3098..sing are for the most part heart-wrenching. This is what we have sung all our lives. But now the words to these songs represent such deep feelings on so many levels.
. I lost my only child, Rebecca, 3 years ago...I never gave up on her but it didn't matter in the end...she gave up on herself...she was not yet 30..too sad, too
soon...I love you


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