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deedeesing is located in Kentucky / USA and has been a SingSnap member since September 23, 2007. She has a total of 309 public recordings that have been viewed 5,545 times and 411 achievement points.

I love to sing. I used to sing in two bands years ago and now, I sing because, it is good for the soul & good for your health and still not quite ready to hang up my mic yet!! lololol I love to listen to other singers. I have met a LOT of wonderful people here on Sing Snap since, Sept. 23, 2007. Some have passed away or, simply left and some are still here which just tickles me to pieces and I left a while myself from time to time. Too much to go into but, a LOT of health problems that FINALLY got nipped in the bud!! I guess you could call me an old fart by now. However, I am still young at heart too!!

So, I am back once again and singing more and I will try to listen to even some more NEW singers as I learn all about you. WHO you are. WHERE you're from. WHAT makes YOU tick? Are your likes and dislikes similar to mine? HOW did you come to know about Sing Snap? My cousin, Randy Stinnett.........introduced me to Sing Snap. He has gone to be with the Lord but, I will NEVER forget the fun we had and how he got me addicted to SING SNAP!!!! I am truly glad he did!!

I would like to say God Bless to all and Happy Singing and feel free to check out some of my songs if you get the time. I will pay you a friendly visit too.

I have also added a few of my songs here at the top and down at the last!! Feel free to take a listen!

My VERY favorite song FIRST!!

**It Was Me** Michael Combs

Some of my awards so far of 2016!!!

Thank you Sunshiendee for my 1st place award. Tickled pink!!

This song is meaningful to me because, after taking care of my Mother as she went down with was very painful watching her like that and then, they took her away from us and put her in a nursing home back in 2009. Sometimes, she knows me and sometimes, she doesn't. I hate watching her go down even more!! Two years ago, she almost left us for good and she is still here and she doesn't always hear me and just doesn't have a choice. She recognized when I sang her favorite Vince Gill song when she was in and out two years ago. Because she squeezed my hand and had tears in her eyes!! Here for me, she and I both, lit up!! I still stayed strong until I left the room. But, I broke when I got out of her sight!! None of us, are ever prepared when we are losing our Mother's no matter HOW it happens!!! Hope you enjoy my version "RUN" Cause I wanted to run and run far away!!!! But, I didn't.


Thank you Shirl, Bug, ccdd54 (Michael) & CrimsonGhost (Len) for my bonus award. That was grrrrreatly appreciated!!

Thank you Denise & Melody & Johnny for my awards.

My Win in Skyrim's John Fogerty's Birthday Concert!! Thank you Skyrim (Bill )

Another favorite of mine!!

I entered a BANNER contest and won 2nd place. Thank you so very much Billy -n- Sherry!!