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Dave_Mabel is 125 years old, is located in Australia and has been a SingSnap member since January 10, 2008. He has a total of 4 public recordings that have been viewed 1,070 times.

Information Written by Dave_Mabel

He's Dave, I'm Mabel.

We live in Snake Gully, a stone's throw from Gundagi, beyond the black stump. We don't live like them fancy, posh city people but life's good out here in the Bush.

Ya have to watch out for the Joe Blake's though ... the browns and tigers can give ya a nasty nip so best ya wear ya long trousers when ya come out visiting and in the summer those mozzies will eat ya alive !!!

Everyone's welcome at our joint and Dave cooks a mean barbie. There's always plenty of snags & rissoles and Sunday we have a lamb roast cooked in the old wood fire and they reckon, round the neighbourhood, that I'm a bonza cook.

Dave likes to make his own whiskey so if ya hear any explosions, don't worry, it's just 'im in the barn mixin' up a brew. Weekends are for fishin' down the local creek and when we was young, Dave and me went skinny dippin' down there... ooooo la la ...... LOL
The drought's been real crook for a few years now so poor old Dave gave up growin' a crop. He just does a few odd jobs for the locals now and spends some time workin' behind the bar at the pub. I reckon he drinks most of the profits too.

If you're ever passin' through, the billy's always on and fresh scones are in the oven most days... with some cream from Daisy the cow and me homemade fig jam you'll wanna stay a week.
Anyway, that's enough, but we hope you enjoy our singin' on this terrific program. We only just got this computer and as long as Dave keeps puttin' petrol in the jenny, she'll be apples.

See ya round mate !!!!!!!!!!!