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CrooninLoon is 122 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 7, 2008. He has a total of 68 public recordings that have been viewed 3,023 times and 17 achievement points.

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At first I came as a curious listener, and then sang a little, and then commented a little, and then found friends, and then found new strength in sharing kindness with others and feeling the warmth that singing gives to you inside.

I have found a wonderful retreat and home of friendship here at Sing Snap. All from the suggestion of a darling little elderly lady in a chat room.

I hope that you will find what I have ~ a new discovery of inner self and expression, fun with people sharing common interests, words of wisdom in the lyrics of artists expressing themselves, compassion, inner peace and happiness that only comes from sharing yourself and being with others doing the same.

For everyone, the experience of life is different, but being together with our fellow man, and sharing what we manage to extract from the experience ourselves, gives greater meaning to life, and helps us to remember how miraculous, precious and tenuous it really is ~ which serves, in turn, to give greater value and intensity to new and succeding moments and events in our lives.

Peace and happiness and love to all Sing Snappers (regulars and visitors alike). Enjoy life and spread goodness with or without being recognized for it - doing so will not deplete you, but only serve to fulfill you with gifts you cannot begin to anticipate or plan for.

I believe we are all part of one large cosmic self, responsible for our part to be and do our best in everything we do. Live life to your fullest ~ do not waste time that will not be again gathered from the winds of the past, present or future.

Thanks for your visit. I'm very glad to be your Sing Snap friend.