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I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. - Kurt Kobain

Crashtestdummy's real name is Frankie Or just Frank. Frankie is 40 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since September 25, 2014. He has a total of 186 public recordings that have been viewed 7,963 times and 418 achievement points.

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Bumblebee Tuna!

My Mother was into music and playing instruments, so I suppose I got the talent (at least i think it's a talent) from her, though I never really knew her as she unfortunately passed when I was 1 year old. As I got older, thinking of her passion for music led me on a journey to find what my talents and interests related to music might be. Music and writing are the two genuine interests that suit me, so it was an obvious step for me to try out a karaoke site.

I got a fisher price piano at 7, and was playing "joy to the world" within minutes. At 7 it didn't seem to be a big deal but I ended up taking piano lessons. Nothing really ever came of it. In 4th grade I won some contest of like 100 questions asking if a tone played was the same tone, or a different pitch. Me and another girl won out of the whole school with a 100% score. At this point I figured I had some kind of talent related to sound and music. In my teens, i was screaming NIN in my yard while blasting it on my radio, bouncing on a mattress like an asshat and playing a piece of wood as a guitar. Probably looked like a douchebag but I didn't care. My friend said he could hear me halfway across the neighborhood. Needless to say I ripped my vocal chords to shreds not knowing the proper way to sing, so I couldn't do it very often. When I had the house to myself I would try to sing Tool and Pink Floyd songs until I could get them right, but never could seem to. Those embarrassing days are over thankfully, and I am trying my hand at other things, including this site.

My voice isn't perfect and i screw up but i don't mind keeping flawed recordings, sometimes gives it character, and reminds me of what i need to work on. I also like to try to emulate singers somewhat till I find my own voice.

I've never had formal lessons, so I try to teach myself from youtube and this website is part of my journey now. I can't afford vocal lessons atm so this is my way of practicing.

I've decided to make singing a hobby, but in the future may want to get into recording or joining a band.

My "dream" is to have a room devoted to only recording equipment and every instrument known to man, and experiment. I've always wanted to learn to play synths and make sleepbot-like music. (Big fan of Steve Roach) That would probably be the type of music I would lean toward at this point. But I do enjoy singing (attempting to) rock, punk, alternative, and also soft types of music, and everything in between, including disney songs, girl songs, Ernie from Sesame street, whatever.

People here have been very helpful, and I like the idea of the contests. Keeps things interesting and challenging, and is a way to get out in the open and have some fun, maybe get some people to hear your stuff and give you supportive feedback. This helps ALOT. It's easy to get discouraged when you don't make progress, and the encouragement is everything. I also like that there are singers of all levels here, and you don't feel so embarrassed to record stuff around people.

Singing gives me a sense of purpose and direction, and is an outlet for all the crazy emotions stirring around. There's something about the voice as an instrument and the power of words that I think allows this to happen more than any other instrument, or even other mediums like writing or painting (although I've always wanted to learn to pound on some drums for a similar effect :p). It's like really loud poetry. Moreso in the harder louder types of music. I feel that anger is one of the most cathartic of emotions when applied to singing. Just shakes you up, opens your eyes and restarts your system. Also your voice fixes itself for free if you break it! Kind of a win-win.

P.S. If you listen to recordings, use headphones! Sounds sooo much cooler

If you read all this and haven't cringed yet you're my hero.

If you want to hear some of my homemade karaoke recordings, here is the link:

This list is updated constantly so check in for new goodies (Props to TDC for helping me set this up)

If you'd like to request a song that you want me to do for you, leave me a message. I'll pretty much try anything.

If anyone wants I would also like to use your raw vocals and backing track to create a professional sounding mix. I'm getting into Reaper and need practice. Anyone interested drop me a message, or email

For an example, here's my daughter's raw vocals:

And here it is after FX etc.:

And here:

Snarf Snarf.


You weave your web around me
As I worm my way into you
A veneer of cheer
makes things quite clear
a place to be safe
a place to hide
there is good and evil
on both sides
the angels they watch
and the trolls they hide
standing together as one
good will never die
but is it all a lie?
should i try?
none of that matters
within all the chatter
because when i press record
I fly