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CountryGent30 is 42 years old, is located in North Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 21, 2008. He has a total of 2,269 public recordings that have been viewed 132,572 times and 301 achievement points.

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To all, I know that some of you may feel as though your comments and/or duets are unappreciated because I may not comment. My work schedule has me confined in ways that most would never understand. When I get online, I usually try to sing a few tunes, I may jump in chat for a few minutes but then I am straight to bed and back to work again. I just want to say that I am HONORED that anyone likes my songs, that anyone joins me in a duet. IF I cant comment or show love, then please know that I truly do appreciate you all.. I will try to catch up on everything when I can but I do thank you all...



*** To all, 10 mos and 1 day after my Mother passing, my Father passed in his sleep April 29th, 2013. People have asked if it was a heart attack, I believe it was Heart Break.. I don't believe that anyone could have truly loved a woman anymore than my Father loved my Mother, they were truly meant to be together. I can only hope and pray that I could ever be Half the Man that he was. I love you and miss you Daddy, give Momma a kiss on the cheek for me. ***

***To EveryOne,
These past few weeks I havent been around much. I have had alot going on.
This past Thursday June 28th 2012, my biggest fan and my best friend... My Mother, passed away due to lung cancer. If I have seemed distant or angry with anyone, I apologize. I hope that you all can understand that I have alot on my mind and I wont be here quite as often. I will still be around and I will still be singing, but not quite like I use to..
I wish you all the best and thank you all for your understanding.