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CountryByAudrey is located in New York / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 19, 2009. She has a total of 96 public recordings that have been viewed 17,847 times and 108 achievement points.

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Love Life And Dance Like A Balloon In The Wind.......................

About Me:

I'm A SongWriter/ Entertainer that also "dabbles" in photography. I do all my own photography/ coordination for my publicity photo shoots. What you hear when I sing is my "natural voice", by that I mean, no voice lessons or special equipment or effects are used, it's just me and my little computer mic! I'm not into the "Drama" of some Karaoke sites and don't believe in "paying" to be heard, like on many of them, people pay me! lol, I just like to sing and hope others will realize that and will be respectful in their comments & ratings and not be vindictive out of spite just to promote themselves, been through that before. Like my Momma always says...."If you ain't got nothing nice to say, then Zip it!" lol, I live in a very small country cow town in Upstate, NY, I'm not from the "Big City" Of New York, like many think when they read NY! lol Check me out on ReverbNation or at to find out more about me and the many people who have inspired me in my life! Tell Your Friends about me if you like what you hear of course, lol, especially if they are in the music business! lol, (just wanna sell my music some day) So .....Enjoy and This is how we do "Country", "Pop", "Rock", Blues, Etc., Small Town New York Style And Have FUN!

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Thank You All For Stopping By My Studio And Listening! ;), And Make Sure You Leave Me Some Luv'in! *Muah!* God Bless.

I Sound/Write Like:
I'm Unique!, lol, I sound like myself and really don't try to "Copy" anybody elses style and I like to have FUN with music! I also write my own Songs/Music! Take a listen on my Facebook At or at

My Influences:
The Many Great Ladies & Gents Of Country Music Old & New! I also enjoy oldies, 50's/60's & some 70's!

You can also follow me & my granddaughter's story on youtube! Just search: Country By Audrey, I have some music videos up but mostly the site is dedicated to my granddaughter, Kylie, who survived a stroke in utero and is now 11yrs old, she continues to defy the odds and inspire everyone she meets...she is a true gift from God and everyone who meets her is amazed & touched by her.

On Aug.19th, 2011, I joined the ranks of 1 in 8 women to be diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Mine was found on my "Yearly Routine Mammogram", two different cancers, one more aggressive than the other & Bilateral, only 5-10% of women with breast cancer get this kinda diagnosis like I had...the year before, it wasn't there... I was told by the doctors that I would have never found this myself with a self examination, I was lucky, mine was considered "Stage1"...I've now completed chemo & radiation and I am taking a hormonal cancer drug for the next 5 years of my life, sometimes this drug interferes with my vocal ability and I can sound "off", I hate it, but I'm alive. Please help support the CURE & PLEASE get your Mammograms Ladies and remember, even MEN can get breast cancer! I've decided to go public with this information BECAUSE... if MY STORY can help save someone else's LIFE by them getting THEIR MAMMOGRAM, then I've accomplished what I intended to do! Remember "Everything Happens For A Reason", maybe THIS is my reason & why I'm being challenged again in my own HELP spread the word...As of August 20th,2012, my recent scans show no cancers, I am now in the ranks of being a Survivor. God Bless.