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ConnieG's real name is Connie G. Connie is located in England and has been a SingSnap member since November 7, 2006. She has a total of 226 public recordings that have been viewed 42,792 times and 851 achievement points.

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Hi !! I'm ConnieG

About Me and My Snap Stars!

ME: I am a Proud Cockney, and I am definitely not like my profile suggests here up my own backside but someone said I needed to blow my own trumpet more and I did that My favourite group is The Beatles, second to them MADNESS and then UB40 and wouldn't ya know it, those lovable Cockneys Chas N Dave. I will sing anything, so sometimes you'll hear me sing silly songs, Rap, and Country which is not easy for a Cockney accent and anything else in between, and even offensive swearing songs, yup i'm one of the lads. When I listen to a song I listen to it in full, I respect the song and the singer, so if you want to gain my respect don't put how you loved my song 5 seconds after it came out of the mixer, or 20 seconds after I actually OPENED IT after I put it on private to mix, well you can, but I really won't feel like coming by.

THEM: I love to have a laugh and have fun with my true SS friends and favourites! I have many special favourites but these people are either my long time ultimate trusted close peeps or we are close, and I continue to make great friends that I will be able to add to here, and if you ever badass them, you may as well have messed with me eheh.

My buttons are WATCH AND LISTEN/FAVOURITES, and when that is exhausted I go further afield or to those that respected my song by not landing me a copy and paste. That can always be detected. Whilst I respect that some have physical conditions that they copy and paste, 20 in less than a minute is not genuine, and it's important to me to spend my time on those that deserve the respect and are genuine.