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CoconutDave's real name is David Little. David is located in Florida / USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 22, 2009. He has a total of 1,842 public recordings that have been viewed 43,416 times and 606 achievement points.

Background image "Tropical Reflections" by Dave 'Brycescaper' Little, c.2013

I've been on the site now ten years and I enjoyed good songs, good singing, and good friends in chat, some new, some that I have known from ten years ago and others that have moved on in one way or another. Lots of history, lots of good times in and out of chat. And duets... lots and lots of duets.

I'm the only male "duet whore" (thank you Rob-- TOLERENCEOFZERO-- for calling me that and scarring me for life) on the site- in fact, I'm convinced I've completed more open duets than anyone else on the site. Between losing gold twice on this account and once on CoconutDuets (oddly enough all three times I had just passed the 2000 song mark when I lost gold, that's 5700 songs lost) on each account I kept the duets before they deleted my libraries down to 100 songs, I've lost at least 1800 duets. I've done over 500 with -Gina- alone, about which 100 survive on our joint duet account DORKNDORKETTE ). My companion account CoconutDuets is duets of songs no longer available due to others losing their source recordings. Seems a lot but ten years is a long time...
My style is copied from the opens I encounter, where the female almost always sings the lead melody in the joined verses. The reason more people don't duet is that they are afraid of harmonies, so in the case of female open duets, most sing the male lead, so now I automatically jump up and do the female's harmony part in my open duets. I don't think I've heard anyone else do this on a consistent basis, but I've stolen so many duets it's natural to me. With my open duets, have no fear. Just sing my part, I've done yours LOL.

I've uploaded my favorites to the Community Songbook, record and rate your favorites!

Community Songbook Links:

Hell's Bells

Alan Parsons Project:
The Raven

Bee Gees:
Nights On Broadway
You Should Be Dancing

Buffet, Jimmy:
Banana Republics
Jamaica Mistaica
Jolly Mon Sing
Last Mango In Paris
Surfing In A Hurricane

Cars (The):
Hello Again

Eagles (The):
(Whatever Happened To) Saturday Night
A Good Day In Hell
Already Gone
Hotel California (Live Acoustic Version)
Love Will Keep Us Alive
Seven Bridges Road
The Sad Cafe'
Those Shoes
Too Busy Being Fabulous
Witchy Woman (Acoustic Version)

Henley, Don:
Everybody Knows

Hodgson, Roger (Supertramp):
Lovers In The Wind

Don't Stop Believin' (Original Duet created for 2010 contest, predates Glee's later version)

Figured You Out

Nugent, Ted:
Fred Bear (Sportsman and former State of Michigan Wildlife Commissioner Ted's tribute to famed hunter and inventor of the modern compound bow)

Pink Floyd:
The Final Cut

Simon & Garfunkel:

Springsteen, Bruce:

Born In The U.S.A.

Born To Run

Cadillac Ranch

Cover Me

Dancing In The Dark

Glory Days

Hungry Heart

I'm on Fire

My Hometown

Pink Cadillac

Roundabout ("Chat friendly" 5:00 shortened Instrumental Edit, original song is 9:00 long)

Young, Neil:
Down By The River

--> NEW!! Down By The River (TOTALLY Creepy Original Duet)