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CindyKnudtson's real name is Cindy Knudtson. Cindy is 55 years old, is located in Washington / USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 11, 2010. She has a total of 689 public recordings that have been viewed 23,604 times and 492 achievement points.

I was born in Everett Washington and lived some years in granite falls but lived most my life in gold bar. My Mom who goes by FuffyPhil Introduced Me To Sing Snap And I Have #3 Uncles Truxing, Singertyme, and Believer1 on Sing Snap, Uncle Almons wife Janice and Jeannie Who Goes by Silver-Mom who is my Grandma and Numerous other Relatives and the List Goes On. On September 24, 2010, I Had a Massive Heart attack in which I Lost40% of my Heart Leaving 60% of My heart Left and only 30% of it pumping the blood to circulate throughout my body. they put a stint in my heart and I was released from the Hospital after staying for 3 days. On October 14th I was back in the Hospital with Congestive Heart failure and a Binary Pulmonary Hemorrhage in my Lungs, I stayed in the hospital for almost 2 months and I lost 50% of my Lungs. With the Help Of my Family (Mom, Dad, My 2 daughters) and Gods Help I was able to Get off Oxygen and fight to get my health back . after 3 more congenitive Heart failures and Numerous visits to the Hospital and Visits to my Lung Doctor and cardioligists on December 16th I Had a Diffibulater put in only to slip on some Ice wich it Dislogged my Difibullator from my Heart causeing it to miss fire in my chest makeing it so they had to go in on January 12th of 2012 and replace the one difibullater with another. even though it gone through all of this in 2yrs. I have not given up Nor have I given Up on God. God Bless. I Think it is time I updated my profile- it has almost Been 6 years since my heart attack and lung problem and my heart has gotten stronger, the damage will always be there but the ejection. Fraction has gone from 30% to 45% which is 5% less than a healthy person, I still only have 50% use of my lungs but I am working with what I have been blessed to have left and seems to be working fine for me. I thank Sing Snap and my friends I meet here and singing to my improvements because without music there would be no enjoyment in life. I think it is time I update my profile it is now June 2018 went to the Cardio doctor and found out my ejection fraction has gone from 48% down to 32% makes hard to Breathe and function and my energy level is not doing to well. Ejection fraction is the pumping action of your heart to get the blood flow out to your organs and extremities. I will continue to sing in sing snap as long as I can cause it is what I enjoy to do. Jehovah willing Thank you.

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