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Chesterst is located in Ontario / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since April 15, 2011. He has a total of 211 public recordings that have been viewed 24,341 times and 212 achievement points.

Played drums since the age of 9, joined a few amateur bands along the way and always took the background vocals and harmony parts. I always thought I might have the potential of being a front man but never gave it a shot for one reason or another. Given the opportunity to jump in front of the mic on Karaoke night I was always up for the challenge. Having never taken any vocal training I could certainly use some guidance because it all sounds great when you are recording but when you listen to it back its only then you notice those little imperfections But really its all about the fun of doing this and I thoroughly enjoy singing, I seem to lose myself and time seems to stand still, if I didn't wear out my voice I could probably do this day and night.

I pretty much enjoy all genres of music and very often challenge my vocal ability with different styles. I am also a fanatic for sound so I experiment with echos, delays and reverbs as to try and capture the feel for the song the way it may have been recorded. I should probably concentrate on vocal training though the electronics is all so very fascinating

Please enjoy your stay while you are here and feel free to be open and honest about what you think.

Happy singing!!!