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Cherokee92 is located in Florida / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 21, 2008. She has a total of 239 public recordings that have been viewed 13,925 times and 400 achievement points.

Feelin' Optimistic! I am back after a long break hope things are better on here!

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I Thought it was time to say a little about us!

Hi I am Cherokee92 my friends call me Paula.
Music is my life, I singing and I couldn't live without music!
Born and raise in Massachusetts and moved to Florida in 2002.

After Reading my Bio you will wonder Why Am I Here?
I will answer that first... I am here to practice my singing..
I can not get enough of it.

I enter contests to meet people and have fun..
and to better myself and to learn new songs and possible make friends.

I WILL NOT Enter a PER-RECORDED SONG in a CONTEST That has already been JUDGED AND.......

I WILL NOT COMMENT On one that has already been USED & JUDGED In another CONTEST!

(unless it is a requirement) But still if it has won in another contest. (I stand behind my previous comments)

I will Ask questions that some people feel is me being a "Pain In The Ass"..
But I feel there are NOT any stupid questions and that way...
I understand the rules and what is the right thing to do.

It is not FUN when people cheat to WIN..
I.E break contest rules.. Summit late entries!
and judges let them and reward them.

If you run a CONTESTS and post RULES, then please ENFORCE them..


It upsets me to go and listen to 20 -30 songs and not one person comes back
and listens to me...Be nice people it's the thing to do..

If I win and get a banner great, if not so be it.
As long as I lost because some one was truly better then me and deserved it,
not because they were FRIENDS or FAMILY of the Judges ....
and they too can't really sing their way out of a paper bag..

I started out as just a guest singer at jamboree's in 1987
then I started to play bass guitar also as a guest at jamboree's
Then I could not sing and play the bass at the same time.
So I got my son Matt aka Mattik1783 to sing for me while I played.
Matt was just just 6 years old when he started singing live on stage.
We did that for a few years and then....

I met Bob (my hubby) in 1989 aka Theunknownsinger1986.
We started a band In 1990 Called Country Sunshine band and...
played together for about 10yrs.

We are now in Florida and doing Karaoke part-time.

My First Upload 6/12/2018

1. Spring Fever
by Loretta Lynn

2. Mr. Man In The Moon
by Patty Loveless

3. Mountain Of Love
by Molly & the Heymakers

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