Cheeseball is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 7, 2009. Currently, Cheeseball has a total of 1,301 public recordings which have been viewed 46,172 times.

Merry meet! Welcome to my page

Hi, I'm Gina, and I am proud to say that I am a volunteer in the chatroom on the noon to 4pm shift. Here's my crew....

We love to have fun, and do goofy things, and we love to meet new people! We hope to see YOU in the chatroom soon

I have met a lot of people on singsnap that I have come to care a lot for and think of as my best friends in the world. Dottie, Mark, Chyna, Melinda, Lori, Corinna, Steve, Rocky, Sherry, Shannon, Smeech, Cassiar, Mike Deth, Chris and Piggi, MOICKILISCIOUSSSSSSSSSSSS, Tolerance, Ethan, and so many many more. One that stands out for me is my sweet Taz. He challenges me to be the person I was always meant to be and always accepts me for who I am no matter what they may be that day. He's funny and smart and a total redneck, and he's all mine

Along with the other admins and staff and volunteers, I have met some awesome people here on singsnap. All of us here to enjoy what we love doing, SINGING! I have lots of open duets, I hope you will join me on one or two or a hundred . Here are some songs that are special to me for one reason or another, from me or one of my friends. I love all of singsnap, and I am so happy to have met all of you!