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CDNDaddyBear is located in Ontario / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since March 10, 2012. He has a total of 99 public recordings that have been viewed 3,333 times and 251 achievement points.


Hi there. I'm Damien. I live in Hamilton, Ontario Canada which is about 45 minutes west of Toronto. Hamilton is the waterfall capital of the WORLD. In addition to having the most waterfalls, Hamilton and the surrounding area are filled with green spaces and lots of trees. We are close to Ontario's Wine Country too. Go a little bit further and you'll be at Niagara Falls - what some people lovingly call the "Honourary 8th Wonder of the World.

Music is the expression of the heart and the soul. The melody, the cadence and the words fit all together to make that wonderful expression. Music has been around for many millennia. Music spans the globe and its entire population. Music is love even when it hurts.

I wish the people who hold the levers of power all around the world could visit the Sing Snap chatroom. Because in that virtual space, people from all walks of life, all walks of faiths and all walks of beliefs and experiences come to spend time with others around their love of music. People are greeted into the chat room with open arms of love and when they leave, the participants send their most heartfelt goodbyes with them. And this love is genuine. And we recognize that not everyone is a rock star, but in the Sing Snap chat room, when it is their turn, for those brief few moments; they are. No one is judged on their singing ability and everyone is given a generous round of applause after their song. The room is genuinely filled with good spirits and warm feelings where people are free to be themselves.

And you don't have to sing either. Everyone is welcome to come into the chat room and listen to others as they sing when it comes to their turn. Musical voyeurs can come in and chat with the other participants.

Sing Snap has some of the most wonderful volunteers and staff. They always make themselves available to anyone in need of support. They go out of their way every day to assist people who are not quite computer savvy in getting their settings all in order so that they can come into the chat room and participate with everyone else. They ensure that people coming into the chat room play by the (common sense) rules and don't engage in behaviour that those who come to Sing Snap for a good time find objectionable. Patience in the chat room is always in order in case someone's sound isn't working correctly. Other participants will give the next singer the time needed to address their issues without complaining that it is taking too long.

The one thing that is thankfully missing from Sing Snap are the nasty trolls who can take any video (say, on YouTube) and fill the comment section with hateful rhetoric from the safety of their computer keyboards. Nowhere will you see such negativity below someone's song. Not every video has comments, but when someone does take the time to comment on someone's performance, they are always filled with love and positive encouragement.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I know it's a bit wordy but I wanted to share with you just how wonderful Sing Snap is.

Many people know me just as Damien but many people call me "Daddy Bear". I have been involved in many community organizations and fundraisers. I have been a front-line Youth Crisis Intervention volunteer for many years helping youth who find themselves in trouble and in need of help. I have used my blessings of musical talent to raise thousands of dollars for many needy charities. I believe in equality for everyone and have been involved in LGBT equal rights for many years. I consider myself to be a feminist and believe in the equality of the genders.

I hold a Masters Degree in Wiccan Studies but nowadays I just call myself "Spiritual".

I hope you enjoy the music I have recorded here.

Blessed Be