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Ccrow's real name is Robert Crazycrow Nordin ( e ). Robert Crazycrow is located in Rhode Island / USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 1, 2008. He has a total of 70 public recordings that have been viewed 2,662 times and 11 achievement points.

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I love this site and ALL of its great folks,I enjoy listening to them and giving them good comments.When I comment I have listened to the entire song. I applaud everyone who sings whether they are just average or Awesome. For me,singing is theaupuetic,it opens my lungs,damaged by severe emphesema but also because I just love to sing. I hit flat notes,I sing off key but the important thing.....I have fun and feel good about myself. That to me is what this WONDERFUL site really is about.Comments of course are always welcome,but if I don't get any it is still okay.I appreciate them but at times I end up singin the same ole songs they they keep showing up in the feature..and if I like a song I am damn well gonna sing it...every time it comes up......hahahahahaha . I also love photography.I live on the bay here in RI so there are many marinas and oftimes you can watch ships coming in and out of the bay.
What I don't like is when folks choose to listen then fail to leave a comment...I do not mind constructive criticism or even a yuck,lousy sing now and again,I am not a paid singer just here for a good time with many good people..ya'll are like an extended family
sort of....well....nuff said...Love You All. If I ever find a woman who will accept my shortcomings I will ever be true,hey...I am in a wheelchair...I just don't roll that way..hahahahaha...and yes,I love my own
corney jokes too....

65 y/o Proud half-breed French-Canadian-Huronne indian,with severe emphesema. Living in Riverside,RI.

Leader/Elder of a family clan of 240 plus...all in RI....As I have matured in my life I have come to realize that I was unable to know who I was....Until I learned Who they ( my ancesters ) were.
My ancestors,they made me who and what I am today and I honor them for that....Aho ( ar- ho ) I just happen to be a Red man in light skin...but I am 100 % Native in my heart and in my thoughts about myself...Never question that,my friends,I KNOW both WHO and WHAT I am today...

I attend as many POW-WOWS as my body will permit and I dance the circle,from my mobility scooter...

I ALWAYS try to Honor the memory of my ancestors as best I can...and I have raised my son to due the same. They made me who and what I am today and I humbly thank them.
My Meme're always called Pep'ere La Cochon which being interpreted meant the Pig,because he was quite the ladies man..following his death in 1980,Me'meire
named ME La Cochon because in many ways I followed Pep'ere's womanizing
Today,I live a quiet life,my enjoyment is watching ships run in and out of the
East Bay...salt water....I actually enjoy the smell of low tide,not offencive to me at all. There are also many walking paths,trees,a gazebo in my front yard and located on the former property of one of the best amusement parks RI ever knew......
On July 18th of this year my right leg was amputated well above the knee,this is a NEW AGE for me now,learning to be a man with one working leg....I am not angry nor full of self pity,I will continue on being the best man that I know how to be and I Thank the Lord above for my inner strength entirely..A Ho

Father of six adult children and grand pep'pier of 13.

Proud co-owner of Noah,the mini dachschund.

I am also a geaneology buff,having taken my family lines back to 1580 in England and Canada as well. Great hobby

Of course I also go out to a couple of Karaoke bars to sing !

My favorite artists include...

Elvis,Englebert,Conway Twitty,George Jones,Mickey Gilley,

Charlie Rich,Josh Turner,Dean Martin and others.

I love the oldies,especially Classic Country and Country Gospel.