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caz5678 is located in Ireland and has been a SingSnap member since March 21, 2020. She has a total of 101 public recordings that have been viewed 3,771 times and 205 achievement points.

Thanks for stopping by....

My real name is Caroline, hence Caz for short, I live not far from Westport in the West of Ireland. Although we get alot of rain here, to me it's the most beautiful place in the world, peaceful, tranquil and surrounded by green. Clew bay is on our door step and we get the most fanstastic sun sets accross the bay, if you're lucky enough you can catch the rolling sun over Croagh Patrick (our sacred mountain) on a summers evening, it's quite spectacular!

I'm married and have a wonderful Husband and three Teenage Children we all love music and it can get quite noisy in our house, between drums, piano, guitar, tin whistle and singing of course!

I don't work anymore as I have an autoimmune disorder and heart condition but when I did, I worked with and trained people with disablities to help them find permanent work. It was very rewarding and I miss it dearly.

For along while after having to stop work, I became down in myself, but thanks to music I snapped out of it fairly quick!! I've always loved to sing albeit it badly sometimes but on occasion I'll find a tune that suits my range and have fun with it!!

That's what is all about after all, FUN!!!

One night about six years ago a friend asked me out and we came accross a Karaoke!! Well I threw caution to the wind and had a go, only to find that I was in a competition!!! and I was put through to the final that night.... anyhow it went on for weeks and I ended up coming second, needless to say I got the buzz and it boosted my confidence no end.

Then a friend gave me a load of karaoke tracks, 100's in fact!! Lucky me maybe not so lucky family I love the Blues and American Country, Rock'n'Roll too!! and of course Irish Traditional especially ballads.... ALL MUSIC REALLY

I love to join in on a sing song and have been know to start one or two, whether they were wanted or not

Singing is my release and has got through my illness...

Thank Heavens for SingSnap!!! So glad to be here, meeting so many beautiful and kind people that love to sing as much as I do!!!

Caroline x

Ps. I hope everyone is keeping safe and well through this Pandemic, it really is a worrying time accross the world. I pray that the fatalities will be kept to a minimum and do believe that if we all adhere to the guidelines, we can get through this and in some strange way, I do think it will make the world and better place, people just might stop taking what we have for granted and appreciate life and eachother that little bit more. x