My Time On Sing Snap Will Be Limited For A While

CateyesJan is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 31, 2007. She has a total of 18 public recordings.

I'll Be Limited With Being Online & Uploading For A Short Time
I'll Still Be Uploading Songs But Only A Couple At A Time,
I Thank You For Your Patience & Thank You For Your Requests

I want To Thank Each & Everyone Of You For Requesting Songs From Me &
My Dear Friend George (1957). We Both Very Much Appreciate Them & You.
We Spend Many Hours Looking For New Songs So You All Can Enjoy Them.
George Finds Mostly All The Songs We Upload & I So Appreciate Him. I Do All
The Uploading, It Takes Time To Get Them Completed. I will Do Them as Quickly
As I Can. Sometimes I Get Behind But They Will Get Done If I Can Get Them.
I Appreciate Sing Snap For The Opportunity To Allow Us To Upload Songs. I Fill
Requests In The Order That We Get Them. So You Know, I Put A lot Of Effort Into
Our Uploads, It's Important To Us That You Are All Happy With Them As Well As
We Are. Once Again Thank You Sing Snap Friends. God Bless
CateyesJan (Jan)