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CaptCliff's real name is Clifton Albright. Clifton is 54 years old, is located in Michigan / USA and has been a SingSnap member since September 22, 2007. He has a total of 504 public recordings that have been viewed 9,612 times and 231 achievement points.

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I live in metro detroit just south of metro airport in Romulus, Mi and I'm Also know as Captain Cliff In the trucking Ind.... With over 3.75 million safe miles supporting america's needs. I'm a very proud member of a (OOIDA) And (VETERAN) from the US Army. I AM VERY SINGLE THESE DAY'S, DON'T LET THE PICTURE FOOL YOU. The ring is from the Indian tribe my family is a part of by blood many years ago. I have two kids, A 32yr old son and a 16yr old daughter that loves to sing also.... Have a great day and drive safely please!!!

Some have ask what I use to record with ? Well this is all I use - No kind of other tricks as others use,
ALL that echo drives me NUTT'sssssssss !!!

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We all have loved ones to go home to.
Also check out___ Crystal2036 my daughter

And ratlvr00__ my lil sister. HA HA !

Also if you wonder why none of my recordings have me singing with any vibrato. It's impossible for me from when I was a child,
I had a bad habit of putting AAA batteries in my mouth and rolling them around in my mouth and over time the acid had damaged my vocal choreds unbe known to me.
I was around 4 or 5 when this happened to me. But I muddled throught the songs as best as I can. Thanks for any views or comments.