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Buzzey18's real name is Rob ... Rob is located in Australia and has been a SingSnap member since September 7, 2012. He has a total of 836 public recordings that have been viewed 27,097 times and 545 achievement points.

Hi there,welcome to my profile page.I am happily married with a beautiful wife & adorable little girl who support me in my love of singing. As a child i listened to all types of music,dad played guitar and grandad played button accordion,so i was always singing to their music.Once i turned 18 and started going to pubs ,i discovered karaoke and fell in love with it. After winning a local competition i was definately hooked even with legs shaking every time on stage.As the years went on it wasn't so much about winning but enjoying singing my favourite songs to people.Back then i had no idea a machine could change the key to suit your voice,i am so happy that now i can sing alot of my favourite songs,or at least try to sing them LOL!.As we don't have much karaoke in town anymore, i am really glad i stumbled across singsnap by chance,what an awesome website (community)!!!.You won't see a chat sign near my name as i am only a one finger bandit on the keyboard and only want to sing, record ,and share my favourite songs,as well as listen to others sing. Thanks to everyone who listens to my music and leaves a comment or two, it is very much appreciated.For me personally SingSnap is not about how good you sing compared to another member but how much fun you have singing and sharing your favourite songs with all your singsnap friends from around the world, afterall we are all here for the same reason,the love of singing and listening to great music.Feel free to request a song and i'll try my best to sing it,either as a duet or by myself!!Happy singing ROB over in AUSTRALIA XX