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BryTunes is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 17, 2015. He has a total of 93 public recordings that have been viewed 26,413 times.

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Hi, I’m Bryan. I grew up around the South in a musical family of seven. Among other close age brothers and sisters, I'm a triplet with an identical "twin" brother - so we all played a lot of music and sports together growing up.

I had tiny music success in my 20's, fulfilled some dreams. After college, I had to leave friends and family for a career in biotech; but still in the South with a peaceful, suburban, small family life. (the pic is my daughter <3)

I use Snap, sports, outdoors to try to stay stress-free and stable as a provider and Dad. The nest is almost empty, so before long I hope to return to my roots, travel, and maybe make music with some of you in person.

I've been guilty of goofy vids, some pretty out there remix tracks, etc., etc. - but I'm having a great time hearing you sing, and thanks so much for the wonderful collabs