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Happy friday everyone :)

BobbyWilliams' real name is Bobby Williams. Bobby is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 17, 2008. He has a total of 754 public recordings that have been viewed 7,478 times and 263 achievement points.

hi im bobby williams was borned in 1912 has had 43 facelifts and still going strong jk lol am from a little town in texas named Lott Tx loves to sing and have fun and meet new friends alot of wonderful people on here...singing is not only fun it helps with my asthma really works am so glad to have this to come to every day and sing all i can if i dont comment i will most the time i just sing n sing til i drop hahahaa sad moment to my dad he died with caner at 54 in 1989 and i miss him badly i support all cancer reserch and test to finally find something to get rid of cancer i know it cant save all but can sure save alot more than has in the past ty for reading my stuff god bless .....

--///-\\\----Put This
---|||---|||---On Your
---|||---|||---account If
---|||---|||---You Know or have had
--\\\-///----Someone close
---\\///-----Die or survive
--///--\\\---And Remember them fondly

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this is me and my friend debra i love this so much thank you my friend hugsssssss