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Bluesy is located in United Kingdom and has been a SingSnap member since April 21, 2007. He has a total of 97 public recordings that have been viewed 25,626 times and 143 achievement points.

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imikimi - sharing creativity

imikimi - sharing creativity

My real name is Brian, music and sport have run in parallel throughout my life since being at school, I started on the clarinet then moved on to the alto saxophone as it was the nearest instrument I could play that sounded like a human voice, my mother was a very good singer and taught dancing when she was only 14yrs old and past away a year last September God bless her. I was always to shy to sing and never thought I could, I was never shy playing an instrument in front of audience or even being the first one on a dance floor, yet if anybody approached me with a microphone to sing, I would have run a mile. When moving from Coventry to Cornwall I sold my saxophone and bought a guitar, then in 2006 some very good friends of mine came down for the evening, after the meal I let them listen to a recording I made with guitar and vocal, they told me I sounded like Elvis, whether I did or didn’t it was the best confidence booster I ever had, that‘s when I joined Ksolo and first started singing, then in 2007 I joined Singsnap. I love all sorts of music but my favorite music comes from 50s and 60s, 50’s is where Rock n Roll originated from, so many great singers, groups and big bands in the USA and in the UK, my favorite singer and performer of all time was no other than Elvis, he was, the whole package, could sing almost anything, always put lots of feeling into his songs, so talented you can see why he was the King of Rock n Roll, in my time I’ve heard some very good Elvis impersonators and on some songs can get close. at the end of the day there is only one Elvis he is unique, myself I love to sing his songs I’m not an Elvis impersonator but I do try to put the feeling into his songs in same way he would do, my favorite singer in the UK was Billy Fury he was the nearest person we had to Elvis, he came from Liverpool same place as the Beatles, wrote his own music and once did a duet with Elvis and died at the same age as Elvis at 42 yrs old. Sport has also played a big part in my life, played soccer and rugby for two local football teams also did ice skating until I left Coventry, when moving to Cornwall I joined a sailing club and did sailing for several years on the south coast and surfing on the north coast of Cornwall also played roller hockey for St Austell now I have just started ice skating after many years at the Eden Project which I love doing and only a couple miles away from where I live, Although remaining a singsnap member I have had a long break from singing longer than first expected, now after almost three and a half years I am returning and hoping to see some of my old fans again. Since joining singsnap I have met some really lovely people. Please feel free to check out my recordings and sign my Guestbook and if you feel like harmonizing along with me it will be my pleasure. God bless and Big hugs Brian..


imikimi - sharing creativity