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I go to sleep at night listening to singsnappers and thats how I want to leave this world

Billjack's real name is Garland Jackson. Garland is 62 years old, is located in Pennsylvania / USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 8, 2011. He has a total of 155 public recordings that have been viewed 4,880 times and 198 achievement points.

Born 1954 and now in my younger years, I am living in McAdoo Pa.

I love music and played in a band way back when I was full of life and hogwash..

I'm still full of life and Hogwash but now I just sing Karaoke...

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Song Sung Blue~ Duet with Poppy

All These Years

Calling Me

Through the Years

Whenever You Come Around

Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star

Always Wanting You

Some Broken Hearts Never Mend ~ Duet with mellyp

My Kinda Woman My Kinda Man ~ Duet with brenda-a

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