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BigSinger's real name is Margaret Miles. Margaret is 46 years old, is located in United Kingdom and has been a SingSnap member since May 26, 2012. She has a total of 109 public recordings that have been viewed 3,447 times and 310 achievement points.

My name is Margaret . I Live in West Yorkshire in England . I have an Irish - English - American accent as my Aunt and Uncle come from Chicago , Illinois and come over frequently to Irleland and when they are around , i can't help but follow along with the accent !!!!
I have one astonishing daughter and she is my Life , Motivation , Strength , Courage , and Hope . She is 21 years old and was a Lady Gaga Impersonator . She is as nutty as me but she is the NUTTIER one !!!!!! . She has two beautiful children , beautiful son Stevie whom i cherish and adore and class as my little man, and a beautiful princess daughter Briana whom always tugs my heart strings! . I THANK GOD FOR HIS GIFT OF A DAUGHTER SUCH AS YOU TO ME . THANK YOU FOR BEING MY STRENGTH AND MOTIVATOR. YOU ARE A PRECIOUS GIFT FROM GOD. I Love you so much my Angel Girl
I have the sweetest and kindest BEST FRIEND ever . Her name is Andrea and she is my Rock , my Healer , my Sister , and my Angel. I dont know what i would do without her in my life . She makes me smile every day , even when i am having a bad day or i feel really sick , she is there with that smile to brighten my day and cheer me up . I can't live without her in my life . I thank God and his blessed Angels for directing us to each other. God surely gave me a precious gift - THE GIFT OF A TRUE FRIEND ! I LOVE YOU ANDREA GIRL . She goes by artbyday , so please add her !
I am so blessed with so many great friends - Alan - Rickles - Jrhpr12 - Darvon - Denise - John - Pamela - Sapphire - and many more that if i put anymore names up , im sure SingSnap's memory would be used lol.
I love singing and singing is a HUGE part of my life . My inspirational singers are Chris De Burgh & Michael Jackson and In Female terms - Karen Carpenter and The Judds. I am an avid Chris De Burgh Fan and a lot of his songs have really helped me in my life growing up .I find i loose myself when i sing any of his songs and love the opportunity when lost in his music , to actually feel as he does on stage - to capture the passion and story within the song. His songs motivate me and inspire me and also heal me of past wounds. MJ (Michael Jackson) is another person very deep in my heart and as a humanitarian love what he done to try and save this world and heal it. His song " Keep The Faith " has always been my confidence song. . I even had a dog - A pomeranium named MJ !!!!!! A Cat named Lady , and a bunny named Candii .Unfortunately my pets are no longer with me. Lady my baby died from anti-freeze poisoning from my neighbour , Candii died as a result of my ex-husbands hand. And there is a long story with my dog MJ which is personal and i will not disclose only to my family. NOTHING bad lol!
Thank you for visting my page .You are all Wonderful and thank you for reading about me and your support and Love on my singing.
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Big Singer - aka Margaret