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Buffering at zero so am dropping this internet sorry....I tried... =(

bethybug138's real name is Beth S. Beth is located in Tennessee / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 6, 2009. Currently, she has a total of 101 public recordings which have been viewed 17,815 times.

Please forgive me but my listens and notes will be pretty slow as I have sporadic hot spot internet and my buffer takes forEVER to buff lol....sigh....but it's better than NONE! I will do my best!
..........well...10/23 update....this is AWFUL! It is taking me 5 minutes to turn a page and I can't listen at ALL! I am dropping this internet if they cannot fix it within 2 days and will try again somewhere else if I can. I really hate that!!! So sorry to everyone who has listened. I would write you notes but they won't send....I keep trying..hope this one will.