Berdep's real name is Bert Pra. Bert is 87 years old, is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 9, 2012. He has a total of 3,888 public recordings that have been viewed 129,901 times.

Just a happy person that loves good music..I enjoy writing and singing my own music as well as others...I love good Gospel. I sing in church choir and sing solo,s in church..I am also a carpenter..I enjoy the touch,feel and smell of wood.Here is an up date photo of us on our 60th wedding anniversary...I love her so much...And..I am a Very Lucky Man...Also I wish to thank All that sent me Hearts . it says I cant reply to you, But, , I Thank Each of you so much....Hugs and God Bless.. Oh,,,
one more thing.. I know I am not as popular as many of the ""Good"" and
younger singers.. "But" I am so happy for those that don't mind listening to an Old
Texas Rascal like me... Ha Ha Ha...I, Love You, ALL...But I shall add this, ,so
many here will have photo but do not use cam??Also, many do not wish to reply to a
message sent to them,,.I enjoy to receive a message from a new friend I meet here and sing with or listen to them sing .But,,i guess we are all ""Different"". .Have a nice day.
See ya again Hopefully,,,,,, ""God Bless""..............................Texas Bert,,.....
I do have a few things that bug me.....I think the Men need to wear shirts and women need to be dressed "Modestly. There are young boy and girls that dont need to see these
people as well as Christian men and Women. Also if I listen to a singers song and send a message more than two times without a thank you reply.. I will ""No Longer listen to them
and if they sing a song with "Explicit language,,, I just ""BLOCK THEM""So if you don't enjoy the way I feel you don't need to listen to me sing or send a message.. And That is
all I need to say.....Thanks to ""All"" that understand...…..Bert"".