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bangbangzoomgo's real name is BangBang ZoomGo. BangBang is 47 years old, is located in England and has been a SingSnap member since September 4, 2008. He has a total of 5 public recordings that have been viewed 2,178 times.

Warning!*... i have a very dry sense of humour and im pretty essentric..... if you are offended by my dislike of the colour Orange, the hot weather, the French, Liquorice allsorts, diets, Pony tails, Jam Tarts, Elvis Presley, Phil Collins, Cod liver oil, Noisy neighbours, Politicians, Spider plants, Asparagas recipes, beige clothing,the Polish, Fake boobs, Harry Potter, Whiskey, Starbucks, BMW's, Public Toilets, Hairnets, Wasps, Chinese whispers, Snow, The letter Q, Liquorice, Dale Winton, Bright Sunshine, The entire cast of Eastenders, Royal Weddings, Fake Diamonds, Janet Street Porter, The Ozone layer, Gypsys, Stains, Bloody operations, Monopoly, Dallas, Rubber gloves, Marmalade, Sugar puffs, Oprah Winfrey, Geese, The National Anthem, Pony tails, Concrete, Birmingham, Wayne Rooney, Cheryl Cole, The incredible Hulk, Jellyfish, New years eve, Rudeness, Spots, Whitney effin' Houston, Garden Gnomes, Chalet holidays, Dust, Sneezing without using your hand, Cutting down trees, Under 18's, riverboat shuffles, Oily fish, Clowns, Caravans on motorways, Christmas crackers with no bang!and Carpets in toilets..... then please leave now....However,,, if you are as strange as me and actually like Marmite, Jigsaw puzzles, Winter, the colour green, lemon and lime, Bruce Forsythe, Pan's people, Italy, Onions, the smell of petrol and bad language... then please stay and feel free to soil my song's most appreciated :)of course, there is a lot more i do like... but i just love moaning about the things i dont like more!i'm a sucker for making homemade video's too!... its more fun than the songs sometimes lol.