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I have consulted with a new dr concerning my Back issues. As you all know i have already had surgery for Spinal Stenosis. If you dont know what that means,I hope and Pray you never have to deal with it. In 2016 i had surgery at L-5. Now i have it in L-3&4. I am trying injections first,thats what Dr Chang Tao ,highly recommended. He also saw on MRI somethimg that my other Surgeon missed. Said it could be causing part of my problem. I feel the injections is just a cover up,not a cure for the underlying problem and the shots have never worked for me before,but,hey,new Dr,maybe better results this time. But it is a narrowing of the Spinal Canal and with weight bearig on my feet it is debilitating pain. Bends me double in pain and I cant straighten up till i get to where i can sit down. It is very very painful! I cant be on my feet walking hardly ten to fiteen minutes if that long. I have to be at the Huntsville Spine and Neuo Center at 8:45 tomorrow the 14th. The Dr is a Specialist in his area. Please keep me in your Thoughts and Prayers. I love all my Singsnap Friends And Family.i will keep you updated! Im still dealing with my foot surgery. Been seven months now but im doing well. Just gotta get it to bending more. Has a lot of limbering up to do in bend of foot accross to my ankles. I feel my back issues have slowed the complete healing process down
N and its gonna take the-year plus,in getting limbered up so i can walk better. Im walking on it already but painful and swells a lot. Dr said that was normal. Please say a Prayer or Two for me my Dear Friends. God Bless you all. Hugs and Love,Your friend always!!Lynn & Hugs to all!!

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