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Azzonom's real name is Mr. Rock. Mr. is located in Finland and has been a SingSnap member since March 7, 2009. He has a total of 205 public recordings that have been viewed 5,742 times and 274 achievement points.

Hi, guys, I just realized the huge possibilities of singing different melodies and improvising new versions and arrangements over these backgrounds.
There really is amazing good guitar accompaniments, that are opening new areas forimprovising.

I'm sorry, that chattin' is not my nature, don't have much experience of it..but I still try to express my feelings by my insufficient english...I hope my skill is enough for You..

At this moment my ideology of singing is just being satisfied and happy about what I got and have.. no need to practice so many new songs more.. just relax and sing what I can..
and sometimes try to sing high notes, also..

My latest news is that I'm so happy to find my guitar playing again and trying sing new ''songs ''and melodies with my guitar accompaniment..
Just find Your old guitar or some instrument and start to play and's so fun..

Few words about my improvising.. they are not as ordinary ''songs''..
when I improvise I*m trying to get new ideas how to play guitar, how to sing..
It's all about feeling and emotion, if it success to become close as a song,it* can happen..I just let it happen..

I've had a hobby of guitar playing all my life.. thats why I can comp quite well..and the solo playing is so hard, that it needs time to practice.. sometimes I have it..usually not.. so its mainly in the level of home guitar playing..

There are so good players on world..its only where You are comparing with..
Watching videos on Youtube and often I say oh my God..that little kid can play better than me:)

I think I have a lot to do in low register and enjoying the sound of deep notes..
that's a new thing for me and I love to sing those notes..

I can't sing many songs well, cause I need to work with english lyrics a double time than others..
That's why I mainly improvise... I just love to blend styles of music and sound of vocals..

This whole project is only a big experiment for me, so, please let's talk about music and musical things..and please give me positive and kind comments, I love them, happy singing, hugs, Reijo.