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I'm a Single Mother of 4 & grandmother of 6. Only of which 2 of my children still live at Home. Writer of Historical Romance and can't sing a lick But I try. due to my vocal chords being damaged over 25 years
ago with polyps and 2 surgeries later I still sound a lil horsey But besides writing, singing is a passion of mine. I hope You all enjoy it as much as I did doing these songs . its all in fun . and I would like to thank all of you ahead of time for taking the time to

Because I'm not with you, doesn't mean you aren't thought
of. If a 24 hour a day lifeline was open for us,
I'd be there always......just hoping for a few precious
minutes with you. The days grow very long, the nights
turn into eternities......because we aren't together.
Sometimes it feels like emptiness more than loneliness,

like a very important part of my heart is missing.
Without you here, a part of me is gone.
Like daytime without sun, and night time without stars...

incomplete to say the least.
So when I say "I miss you", there's more to it

than that
It means I miss the entire being of you...
all that you are, all that you are made of,
everything I love and care about.
I miss the smile you bring me, and the beauty
that engulfs my heart by your mere presence....
and right now,
I miss you