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arwen54 is located in Canada and has been a SingSnap member since July 9, 2009. She has only made one recording and 5 achievement points.

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My real name is Karen. I make a living on the internet and have been self-employed since 1996. You might say I'm an extremely artistic and creative entrepreneur. I love music, I love to sing! I also play acoustic guitar. I love to write poetry, lyrics, fantasy stories, articles, blog posts. I'm an avid reader and a huge Tolkien fan.

My mother could sing and she could whistle really well. My father had an appreciation for music. I grew up listening to Nat King Cole and the like and also opera. When I was a teenager I began listening to folk, folk-rock, and then grew to love blues, blues rock, progressive rock. Well, now I listen to and appreciate most genres of music.

I joined SingSnap because karaoke is so much fun! And it's great to hear other people sing and share their talent too...And I love meeting new people!