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arielchaser_ra's real name is Robin Ariel Ross St Claire Holgate. Robin Ariel is located in New Mexico / USA and has been a SingSnap member since September 3, 2009. He has a total of 80 public recordings that have been viewed 22,133 times and 91 achievement points.

Thank you Fans, Friends, Promoters ,and Supporters ,You Can Find me on Sing Snap and my Originals and Guitar work on You Tube at

Country Music Celebrity Robin Ariel Ross St Claire Holgate Shouts out to his Family in Canada
Sorry Folks did the best I could , I am Tired ,Burnt out and Stressed out!! Hope ya still enjoy it !
Also Thank you New Fan Clubs in China Italy and Japan,and the other ones in USA,France,Asia,Denmark
Robin Ariel Holgate
Country Music Celebrity

Darned if I Do, Danged if I don't Lifes confusing as all Heck aint it Folks LOL
Peace and Light God Bless my Fans,Fan Clubs,Girlfriend,Son, Family,Supporters,Promoters
Robin Ariel Ross St Claire Holgate
Country Music Celebrity

Celebrity Country Music Singer Shouts Out to Four Robin Ariel Fan Clubs that have sprung up in the past few months ,one in France,Malayasia,Denmark and of Course the major one in the USA .Thank You one and All for your Kindness and enjoyment of my music .

Never Lose Hope , Always Have Faith and That Special Some one will you Find as I found mine after many many Years of heartache and trials.Love You Sweet heart !!! If you wish to make comments and vote on the petition I would be truly Grateful
Robin Ariel Ross St Claire Holgate
Country Music Celebrity
World Wide

Thank you all for the over 4,000 signatures on the petition and voting a Yes (A Confirmation) For Celebrity Status , That is so kind of you.I Truly hope that Nashville and the Country Music Industry is watching.
Your Friend
Robin Ariel Holgate
Country Music Celebrity

Country Music Industry and Nashville need to stop bringing in Ringers like Justin Beiber ( Pop Music) and start backing thier own Grass Roots Country Music Artists.Thier are a lot of Great Country Music Artists who have never had a chance !! Nashville ,I am on over 100,000 sites world wide and Growing, I have no money no publicist and no professional equiptment but I have Caught the attention of millions of Fans World Wide .

I will make it to Nashville and the Grande Ole Opry if I haver to Walk all the Way !!
Thank you Fans, Friends,supporters and promoters
Show your Support and Tell Nashville no more Pop Country (Ringers ) We Want the Real Deal

Thank you Fans Friends Supporters and promoters for your vote of Confidence a Yes Vote for Celebrity Status ,From all 4,000 + of you who voted to date .God Bless Each of you !
Robin Ariel Ross St Claire Holgate

Peace and Light God Bless
Country Music Artist/Celebrity
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Robin Ariel Ross St Claire Holgate promoted by RAM Media USA/CAN/Global and by Country Music Broadcasting CMB AUS/USA/Global sings "Country Music" Robin is actively supported and promoted by AOL (Time Warner)on thier Music Videos and music video chats,World News Network, News,Nashville TV,Google Videos,Apnicommunity,Truveo,,celebwall.celebshowbiz,and over 100 Thousand web sites world wide and growing,One of his original songs on singsnap has over 50,000 views and another over 40,000.Robin Continues putting out music looking for his chance at the Golden Ring .a Big thanks to all his FANS Friends and Family.Robin is actively interested in any recording offers on his behalf.You can contact this artist at or or snail mail him at 805 Gidding St Clovis NM 88101 USA, Care Of RAM Media.or Contact Country Music Broadcasting in AUS