ar51LEVEL 69


ar51's real name is Art Rondeau. Art is 69 years old, is located in Montana / USA and has been a SingSnap member since June 9, 2014. He has a total of 582 public recordings that have been viewed 32,534 times and 425 achievement points.

Shelly and I have a House High on the side of the Mountains just west of Missoula, Montana. We, Love living in the Rocky Mountains. I've always had a passion for Singing since I was a little guy. I Love Singin' & Playin' Music & probably will till the day I die. I also have had the privilege of meeting lots of great musical artists. I Sing Bass/Baritone and play many instruments & have been in & out of Bands/Choirs most of my life. We have had the Privilege of being Assistant Catholic Choir Directors for 10 years and Directors for 20 years. I have a very talented family who can all sing.
My wife Shelly (mmr51) has a beautiful Alto/Soprano voice. My Sons (Jim & Andy) have Tenor voices but are not on SS. Then there is my Daughter Jenny (jren81) sings Soprano. She has the best voice of all us combined & has a 3 1/2 Octave Range.
SS is an Awesome Site and I've made lots of wonderful friends.
I enjoy listening to all of you & Thanks for all Your Kind Comments !!!
God Bless ~Art~
P.S. If you are so inclined, join me on any of my songs.......