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(Charles, my husband, my soulmate,
is now singing in heaven--2011--I miss him.
(I can't sing but sometimes
I try. It helps me to express the emotions
that are in my heart. I sing along with some of you
and I hope you don't mind.

I love to listen!

I want to stay with this great group.
I love our SingSnap friends as

much as Charles did
It relaxes me to listen to our friends sing.
You don't have to return comments
It would be nice for you to message me
every now and then.
Wonderful people here--
God Bless All of You--I

appreciate all of your friendships.
Thank You—You are the

Well eight years have gone by.
I am so happy to have your friendships.
I have learn to live and smile again...
It has been a hard road but the Lord has been with me...
I met a nice man about five years ago. We go every where
together and have a good time. Life did go on for me.