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r/ccbbd9cf1 Let it Be!!!!! ~Annie~

annie1958's real name is Annaliese VanDerRaay. Annaliese is 57 years old, is located in California / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 28, 2007. She has a total of 778 public recordings that have been viewed 57,178 times and 528 achievement points.

~Welcome to ANNALIESE'S Studio~

Where I love to cruise with the windows down, wind in my hair, sunglasses on singing along to my Favorite songs!

When I was living in Missouri I was working at a school and was on the maintenance crew! The maintenance guys thought Annaliese was just too long of a name to say (rolling my eyes) LOL and started calling me Annie! That's how my nic name got started!! Now I'm on the maintenance crew and work at a Post Office Processing and Distribution Center and loves it!

Though I live in California Tacoma WA will always be my home and i'm one of the 12th man and is a Seattle Sea Hawks fan!!

My dad was born in Belgium and my mom was born in Holland!!! Which makes me part Dutch part American. I share all of my songs on my Face Book and on Google even if you do a duet with me or i with you! That's how I keep in touch with all of my relatives who lives there!

Very Proud to say my dad retired 30 years in the US ARMY as a CSM out of North Ft Lewis WA and made Tacoma WA our home!! Before that we moved all the time!!! I guess that's why I have the urge to every now and then take a road trip LOL because I can't stay too long in just one place!!! I Love the military for all you do! Thank you for our FREEDOM!

I Love Sing Snap and made some wonderful friends here!!! Not a Perfect singer! Just one who loves to sing! I have Asthma and sometimes that gets in the way of my singing! Meaning sometimes I think i'm loosing my voice! My lungs on a good day are at 64% capacity and on a bad day they can get as low as 46% capacity!! They should be at 100% capacity and been in the Hospital with pneumonia twice! Nope never smoked but my X did! 2 packs a day for 17 years! So I sing when I can even when my voice is crappy! Enjoy if you listen! Singing Between The Devil and Me! Starts all my songs with two kisses!!! ~Annaliese VanDerRaay~

And i'm on all these fun challenges playlists! The things we do to get a badge!