Loving my Autumn colorful name....Thank you MVSDF!!

annie1958's real name is Annaliese Van Der Raay. Annaliese is located in California / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 28, 2007. She has a total of 236 public recordings that have been viewed 28,696 times.

Hi and waves to all. My real name is Annaliese but when I used to work at the School in Missouri in the Maintenance Department the maintenance guys thought Annaliese was just too long of a name to say so shortened it to Annie LoL and gotten used to Annie instead! Now works at a huge Processing and Distribution Center in the Maintenance Department for the Post Office here in Santa Barbara. Thank you for stopping by. Sure do appreciate it. No one is ever late coming into my studio. Love to cruise on the 101 with the windows down, wind in my hair, sunglasses on singing along to my favorite songs on the radio. Loves the oldies, the 80s, Rock, Country and yes even Disco!! Not a perfect singer just one who loves to sing and sings my way. I appreciate the ones who listens to my singing just as much as the ones who comments (well ok, Loves the comments the best giggeling) but will never turn off my listeners! I share all of my songs on my Face Book, Google and with my co worker friends so lots can't comment. Doesn’t mind at all having more listeners then comments, so no worries. That’s ok. But thank you for caring. Thank you for always hitting the love it button as I call it. I've made some wonderful friends here. I love Sing Snap. I’m gonna be here for ever!! Love and hugs to all ~Annie~ PS I DON'T GET INVOLVED IN ANY TYPE OF DRAMA....AND BE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT THE FACTS ARE FIRST, BEFORE YOU GO AROUND ACCUSING SOMEONE! I'm here to sing and listen and have fun with my FRIENDS!

Time to Rock and Roll and singing my all time Favorite Song!!

Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine