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AngeLotta's real name is Lotta Fjeldså. Lotta is 44 years old, is located in Sweden and has been a SingSnap member since June 23, 2013. She has a total of 1,016 public recordings that have been viewed 18,079 times and 391 achievement points.

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My name is Lotta
I'm around and listening when I can and comments. But feel free to join me in the songs if you want to.
Thanks for listening and comments i appreciate that but it's not necessary
Always got a lot of love from the dog's they never judge you. I can't sing so singing my way.
Yes I'm sure it's false here and there.
If i comments on your page don't feel that you must comments me. Do that if you like the songs or singing. Hugs Lotta

The Dogs always give you unconditional love

beautiful songs from Willie Nelson

I was playing my music at the country fair When an old man and his dog came passing by He looked at me with eyes so sad and tearful And he spoke while he looked me in the eye Hey Mister, can you answer me a question? My little dog is feeble, weak and old Do you think, that he will go to heaven, And find himself a collar made of gold He´s my friend, my one and only buddy And since he was pup´ I´ve been his dad He´s been good to me, he never hurt a flea That he will go to heaven, is my plea I turned to him with wonder on my face Why would he ask me such a question in this place My answer was as true as I could feel His love for his dog was very, very real Hey Mister.... I said Sir, I will try to tell my feelings Though I´m not an expert by any means, you see I think your dog is already in his heaven ´Cos you love him, as the Lord loves you and me Hey Mister... I turned to him and said: Yeah, his your friend, your one and only buddy And since he was a pup you´ve been his dad He´s been good to you, you gave him so much love for free Now your dog´s in doggy heaven, can´t you see Now your dog´s in doggy heaven, can´t you see...