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for you that do not stop by my song much unless I have done some new ones for you to listen to, please do not hurt yourself in coming back to my song for I do not need any of your comments then if you can not listen to my old song and do so on them,for I do not need your comments for they do not make me sing any better at at,oki have been not able to get on here much for the past year or so and you will not listen to my song ove and over like I do yours,ok so it isn't right to treat any one like that no matter what they have done to you,i live by the way of our Lord Jesus Christ and that is the way I want others to treat me,fare enough for me how about you,?????????????///

Well a up date i am feel a lot better today and I know it was God with all the prays that you all have done for me that he heard and answer that helped me for i have not been back to the Drs anymore and I knew that he would help me and I just needed someone to pray for me for him to hear that i was needing them so I want to thank all that prayed for me and God Bless all of you from the bottom of my heart and just wanted to let you know also that I had to go to the Drs yesterday for i had trouble not hearing out of my left ear and it was hurting me so bad and it had to be cleaned out so I could hear again so thanks to God if was no more than that.

Well the way I see it now I might as well just get off as for there no one ever listens to my songs nor comments on my songs I do not think that it is right but I am not them so might as well save my money and get off here for i can not help that I am nnot able to get on here much so soon as my gold runs out I guess that is it for me maybe before then so it’s been nice knowing those off you that did come by God Bless you all always Well it has been a lwhile since I have Write your italic text here... down any thing and I guess it is time to do that again well I still am not doing well and have been trying to get on here once in a while and do comment s but no one seems to be doing anything about my songs and i think I think of it this way do comments on n your songs time after time and I can not Akeem to get any more on mine and that is not fair I don’t think so if I can do that for you then I think you should do the same for me don’t you think so to Up date again, well our house sold the other day and now it is cross country for us about 2300 miles one way ,it will take us about 3 or 4 days to get there so pray for our safe trip there ,I sure do hate to move but my son in law got his job changed to out there he works for the FBI,but it leaves all my family out here and I may never get to see them again here on earth but pray we will meet in Heaven, so please do pray for us, God Bless All,
update, I sure do wish the Drs would find something for all this pain I am in,with me moving such a long ways I know I will be in a lot of pain from you so please do pray for me,well update for me,had to go to the ER,on mon,for pain in my shoulder/chest/back/and neck had to get a big shot there in my arm then to the drs on Tuesday and got a shot in my shoulder and hip. seem I am falling apart all over now, lol and thro I get all others songs that they have out for some time just to get more comments on them well they seem to not want to listen to my songs over very much much,and I do not think that is fair,lol but the comments DOES NOT MAKE YOU SOUND ANY BETTER NOW DOES IT,LOL Update, May 15th, I am still in lots off pain when i sit/stand/walk/or type/maybe when we move i can find a Dr that knows just what they are doing and knows just what to do to get rid off my pain ,but now i am not by myself. my Daughter has the same trouble as i do and she is going to other drs but they do not know what to do for her either, I am so tired off the bed it makes me sick just to think of it, lol and I am sick of going to the Drs when i know they are not going to do anything for my pain, but I can say I am getting some better for i can sit/stand and walk a little better now, well you all take great care and God Bless each of you,

update, April 14/18 on my back and all my pain i am in,
I know you all may think i am lying but i am telling the truth,i am back where i started from i do belive,they put this neurostimlation in my back and i guess i was just numb from all the meds,anyways i thought my pain was all gone,but i can not sit/stand/walk/ again,going to go back and see if they can fix it where it stops the pain like they said it would,if not don't know where i can go for help then unless i wait till we get to Idaho for we are moving out there in Aug some time,so i may hit it lucky and find a good Dr out there, anyways keep me in your prayers

Well I went back to the Drs and they took out the wire they put in my spine and they are going to do surgery on my back again in about two weeks and put in another wire which will be perament and they said this surgery will be worse then the other one and I would be sore and hurting for about 11/2to 2weeks from it.i just wish to God they would do it and do it right this time i’m Getting mighty tired from this bed and all the pain I have been thru if it was them I know they would feel the same as me;well here is hoping and praying that my health will very soon get lots better;God Bless all

Well I went back to the Drs yesterday and they took both wires out and gav my daughter another date to come back to them so lthey could put more of them in to leave in me till I said they did not. Help me anlonger so guess I will just have to wait and see then how things go but sure hope all goes well and I will get back with you all again so hope to see all soon

go back for surgery day after tomorrow so keep me in your prayers,they said it would take any where from 40min,to 4hour to do the surgery so I need your prayers please,and God Bless all that do pray for me,and thanks for reading this also,God Bless you, Bonnie 2/20 2018

like I did not have enough wrong with me, now I have Torn Linmunts and Tendons and splinters in both of my shoulders and can not have surgery on because of my health and it hurts like crazy to lift my arms to type now and now will be doing a lot of copy and pastes ok,, tell me what else can happen to me ,lol oh I know God loves me and cares for me and he is only testing me out to see how far I will go for Him, well it is all the way for me ,My Sciatica Nerve is really getting to me, it is making me hurt all over now with sharp pains that bring tears to my eyes, I think I will have them to do more surgery to try and get rid off all this pain or a lot of it anyways, please do keep me in your prayers and God Bless you all and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to all

Well I went back to the Drs again, also had a MRI and eray's Done before i went there
and they tell me that my back is in to bad of a shape to even think off surgery again on it and they are sending me for another MRI and Blood work for they are goin to put in a Therapy BustRD Stimulation to try and help with the pain for i can not have anymore of the shots they have been giving to me for they say they will not help for my back is in such shape,and they say it will only get worse then it is now with no help in sight but that BustRD, so pretty please DO PRAY FOR ME WHAT EVER YOU DO FOR I NEED ALL THE PRAYERS I CAN GET AND THE MORE, GOD BLESS

Well they tried to do what they planed to do. On my back But it did not work but backfired,it made my back worse and I have been in bed since then they said I did not have enough room in my back for them to put the wire in were it was to go,now they are looking for some other way to stop the pain,
It hurts like crazy for me to move my bottom part now,I just pray to God they fined away to stop y pain or even just 1/2 of them ,Ian sick off being in the bed all the time,

well i go the 22 for surgery again they are going to try and put a wire in my back if they can, they tried once but it did not go in, so they are going to do it driff,this time,so hope it works good they said if they could that it would take most off my pain away

and I am so sorry but someone wanted to chat with me yesterday and I did not see it till they click off,so if you still want to chat then catch me the next time I am on here ok and we can chat then, again so so sorry for that,

Hello there my dear lost friend Nan,, March 17th,2018
Well sweetie i have not been on SS much lately either because i have been sick with so much pain,can't sit/stand/walk/nor even lay down without the pain taking over my body ,i go for back Surgery on the 20th of this month on my back and they said i would be in bed for 11/2 to 2 weeks or more after it is over with they are putting a stimalater in my back for the pain,so i pray this finds you in great health these days but that is hard to belive,lolbut i can't write with my hands anymore either for i can not hold the pen good to write,
we sure have a lovely day the sun is shinning so much but the wind is blowing real cold lol




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A little Mixed Up ,
Just a line to say I'm living
That I'm not among the Dead,
Though I'm getting More forgetful;
And mixed up in my head,

For Sometimes I can't remember
When I stand at the foot of the stairs;
If I must go up for something;
Or if I just came down from there,

And before the Fridge so often;
My poor mind is filled with doult.
Have I just put food away or;
Have I come to take some out,

There are times when it is dark out,
with my nightcap on my head.
I don't know if I'm retiring;
Or just got out of bed,

So if it's my turn to write you'
There's no need in getting sore,
I may think that I have written;
And don't want to be a bore,

So remember that I love you;
And wish that you were here,
But now it is nearly mail time;
So I must say,"good-by dear"

There I stood beside the mailbox;
with my face so very red,,,,,
Instead of mailing you my letter;
I have opened it instead,

dear sweet Nan,
Oh my dear sweet friend Nan
You are sweeter then any I known;
You cheer me up when I am sad,
You are my friend and I'm so glad,
May your day be filled with lots of joy and love.
and someday we'll be together with God above,
so keep on doing the things you are;
and someday you will live above the stars,
A new body and an mansion you'll gain.
For in his words these are so true;
All of these he has for me and you,
So long as you travel here below.
Just remember there is a better place to go;
And you my dear sweet friend.
Will be together there in the end,

My dear sweet Gloria,
you are my dear sweet friend,
and I will love you till the end,
you have been there for me;
don't think I can set you free,
for we will be friends till the end,
And on that sweetie you can depend,
you see Gloria you sure were there.
And helped me when no one cared,
And I could not do it on my own,
But you in your kindness did shown;
And I could never repay you dear sweet girl,
But you in my heart you will be there,
I do love you my dear friend more then you may know,
it has been so hard for me,this something you did not know,
but I will always keep you in this old heart of mine
till the day my dear Lord calls me home on high
so please do keep your life as he has you do,
And some sweet day I will meet you up there