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AneesahC88 is 42 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 23, 2014. She has a total of 82 public recordings that have been viewed 2,580 times and 58 achievement points.

Is it asking too much that you spell my name right? You see it up there, right? "H" is on the end and it's mostly decorative so let's pretend it isn't there at all, I'm ok with that. Just please PLEASE don't spell it A-N-E-E-S-H-A and it's pronounced "uh-NEE-suh". . .say it right and there may be a cookie in it for you. . .

Well, I suppose it is fairly obvious from my videos that I love to sing, entertain, and just be silly--I try not to take myself too seriously. I laugh when someone comments, "Hey, great top" on my videos because more than likely, that "top" is part of my pajamas. More often than not, I'm performing on SS when I ought to be asleep! I was reluctant at first to join SS at all because I am no fan of being on camera but the friend who convinced me to join in the first place made it clear that she would not watch my videos if I posted them as "voice only". So, y'all have Sally Whitaker to thank for being able to see my big ole smilin' face in all the vids, lol!

I was raised the daughter of a singing United Methodist minister and a music teacher so it was impossible to avoid music in my house. In addition to my love for singing, I adore classical film (particularly technicolor musicals), romance novels (the steamier, the better), costume dramas (if they're wearin' corsets and talkin' with British accents, I'm IN!), and Broadway musicals. I also write a little when the mood hits and I play (and sometimes teach) the piano. Well, that's me in a nutshell. Actually, there's more but way too much to fill this tiny box. I'm a friendly southern gal so if you're curious to know more, just ask. Be warned though: I may talk your ear off. . .