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I have discovered an

untapped passion for

music. It's always been

there, I had not until

being introduced to

karaoke was I to have

the opportunity to

channel that passion.

Since then...I've become

a Karaoke monster of

sorts...My friends,

Family and fellow co-

workers have encouraged

me to the point that I

have an, "I can do,"

sense of self esteem

that always before


At Christmas time, I

recieved a CDG player

wireless mics tons of

music. Karaoke is how I

spend most of my spare

time. I love to express

my thoughts, pain, joy,

anguish, I love music as

celebration, I cannot

for the life of me

imagine a world in which

there was none. Did I

mention my love and

adoration for music?

I am wildly passionate

about music and what it

has represented to and

for me, litterally, as a

sanctuary of peace when

at times there seemed to

be no other. Music was

the place that I could

feel with no thought of

what others might think.

When I was much younger,

I use to think that

everyone felt pretty

much the same as I when

it came to music and how

it made them feel. As I

grew up, I came to

realize that that just

wasn't the case.

Everyone doesn't feel as

strongly as I do about

music. I suppose if you

don't care for any one

particular art form, you

just don't. But

music.....How can anyone

not be profoundly moved

by the beauty of melody

and song? One thing I

know for sure, and there aren't many others, "I

know that I am grateful

to not be counted among

those who don't see the

beauty of music as I

do." Paul R. I have

lived a colorful life,

some would say...An on

again off again

recovering addict

alcoholic, Prison,

success, failure,

accomplishments, I have

walked with scholars,

and danced with thieves.

I've fought for the

underdogs and supported

a handful of mores and

ideas that not everyone

would agree with. I'm

43, and have been

blessed with a handful

of friends with who I am

eternaly grateful. I

have my health, a roof,

food for the nourishment

of my body, a decent

truck and a handful of

dreams that may or may

not come true. I'm not

all that concerned

whether or not my dreams

come true, I'm just

grateful to be able to

recognize that I have

had some, and whether

any of them came true or

not, wasn't the

point. "The point

was....That I had them,

because some never even

get to the place of

recognizing that they

have any: Ain't it


You know...Music got me

to dreaming, who knows

it ain't too late. I

might get discovered or


that be something?"

Thank You for coming by.

I hope that you enjoy my