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alyciajoy's real name is Alycia D. Alycia is located in United Kingdom and has been a SingSnap member since August 12, 2007. She has a total of 4 public recordings that have been viewed 927 times and 5 achievement points.

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-= Tell Us About Yourself =-Name:AlyciaBirthday:Jan 28thHow old do you act:sometime 12, sometimes 25, sometimes 59Zodiac Sign:AquariusCurrent location:On my couchEye Color:BlueHair Color and Length:Natural red/dye dark red in back, shoulder length in front, short in backHeight:5\'8Your Heritage:Irish/German/Native AmericanWhat’s Your Middle Name:JoyShoes You Wore Today:none, barefootYour Weakness:Trusting people I shouldn\'tYour Fear:Losing loved onesHave You Ever Ridden A Mechanical Bull:um, no... where did that come from?Do You Want To:ride a mchncl bull??? no desire, I have ridden enuff in my lifeGoal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:Since it\'s almost 08, I wil say lose the rest of my fatFirst Thought When You Wake Up:Let the dogs outBest Physical Feature:EyesBest Character Feature:Sense of humorWho Is Your Bestest Friend:husband, then siblings, then DanaWhen Is Your Bedtime:2-4amYour Most Cherished Memory:going to the beach/boardwalk with my dadPepsi or Coke:water pleaseMcDonalds or Burger King:ugh....Single or Group Dates:I am married, yoo hoo!!???What Is The Last Song You Sang:Through Glass- Stone SourDoes Playing A Guitar Make A Girl/Guy More Attractive:not to meWhat Is Your Biggest Pet Peeves:Slurping, slow driversDo You Drink:nopeEver Been Drunk:yes Do You Smoke:nopeDo You “Smoke”:***** runs away *****Do You Sing:yes What Color Underwear Do You Have On:blackDo You Want To Go To College:beenHave You Ever Been In Love:yesDo You Want To Get Married:already am... as far as polygamy goes, i would hate taking care of someone elses kidsDo You Believe In Yourself:SometimesDo You Believe In Others:Depends on who... after 9/ and they way or nation is so complacent about it...noDo You Like Thunderstorms:Yes, but our little wiener is terrified of them, so I am usually taking care of himDo You Play an Instrument:Used to play violin/guitarWhat Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up:a MILFWhat Country Would You Like To Visit:too many... I guess the whole UK more than anythingHow Many CD’s Do you Own:too many.... but now mostly mp3\'sHow Many DvD’s Do You Own:too manyHow Many Tattoo’s Do You Have:2, Winnie the Pooh on my ankle and a dolphin on my backHow Many Piercings Do You Have: 6, 5 in ears 1 noseHow Many Things In You Past Do You Regret:A lot, more than anything not seeing my dad before his accident-= Favorites =-Favorite Shoes:Mary Janes, sexy and comfyFavorite Radio Station:96.3 or 93.9 Favorite DrinkWater with lots of iceFavorite Car:Hmmm, JaguarFavorite Place:Waikiki HawaiiFavorite Song:too many, one that sticks out \"Where the Streets Have No Name\" U2Favorite Movie:oh gosh, I have like a top 20... right now probably 300Favorite Moment:Exchanging vows with husbandFavorite Color:BlackFavorite Meal:Sushi, or mom\'s home cookin\'-= In a Guy/Girl or Man/Woman I Like… =-Favorite Eye Color:BlueFavorite Hair Color:DarkShort Hair or Long Hair:SHORT Height:taller than me, usually 6ft and overBody Type:average to athleticDoes Ethnicity Matter:yesPiercings:HELLS YEAHTattoos:See above-= “Bed Side Manor” =-Do You Think You Are Attractive:My face isAre You Attracted To Someone Who Does Not Know It:David BeckhamWould You Like To Be Someone’s Fantasy:oh yeahHunter or Hunted:bothDo You Kiss With Your Eyes Open or Closed:bothEver Kissed Someone Of The Same Sex:ummmm that would be a n...yesA Little or A Lot Of Tongue:i like soft wet passionate kissesOlder or Younger:now that i am married i would day younger... my sister says \'I like em young\'Top or Bottom:what the hell??? top or bottt.....oooohhhhh bothLights On, Lights Off or Candle Light:a little lightDo You Like To Cuddle After:sometimesDo you Like To Cuddle In General:with family more so than anyone, or friendsTrimmed, Shaved or Let IT Go Wild:omg, I am clean cut and everyone else should beHim / Her First or Second:don\'t get this question.....Have You Ever Had Bad Sex:of course I am 37Have You Ever Had Sex With Someone And Regretted It:oh yeahsEver Have A 3Some, 4Some or More-Some:i plead the 5thDoes Sex = Love To You:sometimes... it did when i was younger-= Right Now =-Right Now, What Is Todays Date:11/21/07Right Now, What Time Is It:8:09pmRight Now, Who Are You Thinking Of:can\'t sayRight Now, What Are You Listening To:the windchimes outsideRight Now, Do You Love Some hubby and family and friendsRight Now, Does Someone Love You:jeez..... i hope soRight Now, Do You Know Where Your Mechanical Bull Is:aww fuck.. this shit again??Right Now, Is It Raining:no, it\'s supposed to snowRight Now, How Many MySpace Friends Do You Have:i think 52Right Now, Are You Happyyes-= Right Now, You Are Finish This Survey! =-Tell us YOUR answers to this survey! Click HERE!
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I have been singing since I was 2, and of all songs to get me singing it was Roberta Flacks "The First Time". Nothing could stop me after that. I won many competitions throughout high school, such as 1st place solo for the Jazz Festival in Reno in 1986. I am stage shy, but I belt it out to my best ability. The last 2 years, I have not been singing due to health reasons, and my solos can show this. I plan on getting back in vocal shape and hopefully singsnap will help. I love constructive criticism and praise as well. My love for music is also my life line to God and my most appreciated relationships. Usually I have a song in my heart for every person I love, if not two to three or four.. lol.

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