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akuani's real name is Anita George. Anita is 47 years old, is located in United Arab Emirates and has been a SingSnap member since May 4, 2016. She has a total of 96 public recordings that have been viewed 2,460 times and 333 achievement points.

Enjoying the experience of chatting and sharing music with people from all over the world here.

A 40 something Malaysian currently in Dubai who enjoys the simple things in life. Music and Song being one of them.

Writes poetry and short stories in between being wonder mommy to teenage daughters and bringing the moolah home.

When there is silver in my hair
When lines crisscross my skin
When my cheeks are sunken
When my eyes no longer glint with mischief
When my smile is subtler
When my voice quivers
Will you still love me because I am me?
March 26 2016 © Anita George

14-02-17 : Happy Valentines Everyone

07-01-2017 I took part in an event for the first time and submitted a song as well hehehe got featured - YAY ... that's a positive thing

Song 65 is me ....

20-01-2017 Submitted a tune for What's In A Name? Challenge and got featured YAY!! again ...

Song # 91 is me ... hope you like it


24-11-2016 Thanksgiving ...
And I think this song captures the spirit of thanksgiving - this one of my favourite programs supporting change through music. If you've never heard of Playing for Change look them up ... and support the cause. In the meantime here's a song that puts the spirit of thanksgiving in perspective.

28-11-2016 Remembering Matthew Brown aka OneManBand53 who left way too suddenly. You're remembered and missed by so many people - tells me how much you touched the lives of those who you came in contact with. It isn't the material things but how you made people feel when you made time for them. Thank you Matt for letting me be a part of your life.

Found an old poem I wrote long time ago and thought to share it here ..

Smile Jul 29, 2008

smile more often
said he
a stranger
in distant place

such pessimism
such negativity
will you live
life like so

never had he
seen her smile
never would

twitching seemingly
poised to crack
severe features
remain unexplored

another time
some other place
so radiant

essence recaptured
bubbling to surface
journeyed destination
iridescent shimmering

once furrowed brow emotionless eyes
again burn passionate aflame
home to roost
her forever smile

20-12-2016 Blessed Christmas and A Very Happy New Years

A lil something me and my daughters sang at the request of one of my dearest friends on SS - PETESECRET1 ...

Pete we loved doing for and with you ... it's a song I've sung since I was a child at the stroke of midnight as Christmas Eve crosses over to Christmas morn ... fruit cake and wine, hugs and kisses and presents ... memories forever in my heart and lovely to share it with you.

Hope you all enjoy it and a truly and blessed Christmas to all and peace to all who are celebrating the various holidays

27-12-2016 This is a very good piece coz I do like Simon Sinek is an aside, but this is something that I as a parent of 2 teenagers, I understand their stress surrounding them in this environment and I try to also engage with them and make them see how when I was growing up how I learnt to be who I am and am still learning coz am adapting to a changing world but I still have my core values, friends and roots.