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Adriannalovestosing's real name is Adrianna Queiro. Adrianna is 21 years old and has been a SingSnap member since June 26, 2012. She has only made one recording.

Hi I am Adrianna a 13 year old hoping to be a singer! If you could please rate my videos and stuff. My fav singers are: Amy Lee, Haley Willams and alot more! I wish i had a gold membership but they cost to much to me. Anyway, you can add me if you like. I will try to make my voice sound like my real voice cause my web camera sorta suckish so yea. Um, I play piano and I write songs everywhere I go. This website gives me a chance to show the world how I sing. Even if you say I am bad singer or say that I'm ugly that's now going to bring me down. Nothing is going to stop me from writing songs and singing. My dream is to be on American's got Talent and win on the show.Hopefully when I'm 15 I can get a Youtube account and send my videos to you guys and American's got talent.The thng is I'm really shy to sing in front of parents and I only make these videos when there gone. My favorite songs are: Bring me to life, My Immortal, Sweet Sacrfice, Breathe no More, Skyscraper, Safe and Sound, Brick by boring brick, Misery Buniess, Even In Death, Lithuim, Lose control, Rumor has it, Get out Alive, Pain, The good life, Princess of China and Secerts. My two favorite Geners of music are Rock and pop and a little bit of rap. So support me guys that why's I can become the young singer of 2012! I'm very sorry if I delted some of the videos of me. because there was a person who was worried about me saying that the can find my Ip number and stuff Sorry.