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AaronStamp is located in Mexico and has been a SingSnap member since March 31, 2008. He has a total of 186 public recordings that have been viewed 26,198 times.

.-.-.-.-.-.-.- ¿Depression, anxieties, fear, panic attacks?

I suffered with that ---- ¡¡I understand!!

I do not like nor take prescription / chemical medications!

I can tell you of a NATURAL product that you will be VERY GLAD to know of.

You can purchase it through AMAZON, as I do. -- No, it is not St John's Wort.

What I am speaking of I discovered while I was searching for help --

I mean, when I was YELLING -- ¡¡HELP!!

Some of you understand that, don't you?

Don't talk yourself out of PMing me for information -- -- TODAY!!

AND BY THE WAY if you would like Prayer as well --

But you find that asking for Prayer everyday
..maybe several times a day if need be..
seems to get you shunned & things other than Prayer being offered ..


I've been through that as well --

In fact --

My suffering lasted so long because of the faulting of True Prayer & from the shunning & because of ridiculous counsel --

So, I understand!!!

You CAN request Prayer of me & I & other Faithful Children of God around me WILL PRAY!!!!!

¡¡¡We don't play games ...as has become so commonplace today... with Praying!!![/ --


.-.-.-.-.-.-. Duets:

Still often on the road with work, but will listen just as soon as I can.
Oh yeah I will -- I HAVE to hear you sing so I WILL BE THERE ASAP!!

And I ask that you forgive me, but due to my work & weak internet strength etc I have a problem being able to do duets with others ... thus, I have many duet bases that you are more than welcome to join in on.


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