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AaronStamp is located in Mexico and has been a SingSnap member since March 31, 2008. He has a total of 220 public recordings that have been viewed 29,260 times.

Updated 1 mayo '20

I sing because I LOVE to sing ..period..paragraph..next subject!!!
And I LOVE to listen to you sing as well!!!

.-.-.-.-.-.- Now ..me personally

I listen to the whole recording of all I visit because .. I LOVE music .. & because you sang the song to be listened to ¿correct?


Please remember that some of our SS Family NEED our visit & comments .. .. they may be alone .. lonely .. in poor health & a simple comment not only encourages & brightens their day ..but it helps to lift them from a low spot to a higher one.. .. .. just because you cared enough to visit their studio & leave a comment[/color].

It hurts me to see that comments are harder to come by anymore .. & especially during this time of being shut-in because of the COVID19 virus.

PLEASE .. let's let one another know we care by leaving a simple comment.

I know that I APPRECIATE 'em after ..many times hours.. to get a recording completed because of my weak internet & poor electricity.

And I don't mind copy & paste because you may be busy.
I appreciate that you shared a little of your time with me .. THANK YOU!!!
And I know that some may have a physical disability & thus they can't write.
I also know that some can't write very quickly.

I do ask that you not include graphics because they cause some difficulty with opening my pages.

I also sing because it's a good stress reliever ..when I have good internet connection & the electricity flows my way sufficiently.. .. & trust me .. what I go through on a daily basis in my life's Work ..& some of the religious people I have to deal with.. stress & its aunts & uncles & cousins come through the door with their bags hopin' to stay awhile.
¿?¿Where's my mic?¿? ..lol

Oh I also sing to HAVE FUN ..sometimes some really silly songs to be able to laugh & allow others to do so as well.
Sooooo those who like to "judge" because of singing ..& for singing certain songs .. .. .. be advised .. we're gonna sing & have FUN here!!!

¿Depression .. anxiety .. fear / panic attacks?
Thanks to those who would rather hurt you, than help you .. I've traveled that road.

I refused to do chemical medications ..period..paragraph..next subject.

I can tell you of a NATURAL product that you can purchase through AMAZON that WILL help with that. And, NO, it isn't St John's Wort.

There is also a NATURAL therapy that helps with that ..as well as MANY, MANY other medical issues.. INCLUDING the COVID-19.
You just have to .. like .. trust .. accept .. NATURAL.

I truly apologize that this COMPLICATED world has pushed SIMPLE to the background.

And, I truly apologize that we've entered a time where religious centers ..& some I have a new revelation people.. have made so many changes in The Written Word of God & do more playing ..& charging.. than they do actually Praying for ..& helping.. those in need.

During times that I ..& people I assist & children I feed.. have been molested & abused by these religious game players .. Prayer ..SIMPLE COMMUNICATION.. with my Father has brought us through!!!

I am a FIRM BELIEVER that The Written Word of God means what it says & in True Prayer!!!
I ..& other Faithful Children of God around me here.. will be More Than Happy to Pray with / for you & you will NEVER feel any hooks trying to pull you in or hear of any charge!!!

We don't play games ..as has become so commonplace today.. with what Has Been Written & Praying!!!

.-.-.-.-.-.-. Duets:

Still often on the road with work, but will listen just as soon as I can.
Oh yeah I will -- I HAVE to hear you sing so I WILL BE THERE ASAP!!

And I ask that you forgive me, but due to my work & weak internet strength etc I have a problem being able to do duets with others ... thus, I have many duet bases that you are more than welcome to join in on.


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